Conversations with Dash: the wedding photos

I was going through my wedding snaps last night. I wanted to send a couple to my sister to remind her what a lovely day her wedding had been, how much fun everyone had had, and how beautiful she is. (She needs reminding sometimes! She forgets.)
My wise little six-year-old-going-on-old-man, Dash, was looking over my shoulder as I pulled up the photos on my laptop. I had this one, taken during the vows part of Jeanie and V’s ceremony, on the screen…

And gazing at it, Dash said:
is Jeanie sad or happy in that photo?
I smiled.
What do you think, darling?
He pondered the image seriously and then declared:
Well her mouth is a bit down at the corners,
and her eyes look a little bit wet,
but she doesn’t really seem sad…
And what do her eyes say? I asked.
He looked more closely.
Then, with absolute conviction he said:
Her eyes say I love you“.

And once again, he was exactly right.

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  1. and to think that there are people who think that kids aren’t aware of things around them. the sad thing is that some of them are parents.

    kids do tend to be right about things.

  2. Dash will go far in this life ;)

  3. Exactly right!

  4. Aaaaah! What a sweet way to start my day. Little Dash is wise beyond his years, bless his heart.

  5. Right on, Dash! I second that emotion!

  6. Awwww that definitely made me cry!
    What a perceptive child.


  7. What a sweetheart! And so intuitive. Wow. And her eyes certainly do say “I love you” Just beautiful.

  8. He’s right – those eyes do say I love you!
    Thanks for visiting over at my blog. Yes Windy Hill is where the Essendon bombers play. If you are a male in our house you really have no choice but to support them. So when it came to naming our property the fact that we do live on a windy hill and the bombers factor – we really had no choice! Now if you are female – you support the Kangaroos! That’s just the way it is!

  9. OK, so now DASH is making me cry. I am such a sop.

  10. Hey y’all… Dash is quite the SNAG really. Although he is a rough-and-tumble little fella too. He says this kind of thing all the time, but this time it was too good NOT to blog.

    He’s ‘in tune’ or something. I want to post his amazing rapport with animals soon… he has no patience with anything else, but with animals’s he’s incredible.

    Thanks also to Jeanie for letting me post such a personal moment. This pic makes me well up every time. THose cow eyes can sure talk!!!!

  11. Wow. Too cool.

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