Cool relief…

It’s been pretty hard not to focus on the horrendous toll that bushfires have taken on Australia lately – and I realise my last couple of posts have been (necessarily) a bit hot and heavy… you’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing has been going on around the ridges here.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Last week Dash’s tiny school attended a local swimming carnival. We had been looking forward to it, as Dash had taken a few lessons over the school holidays – and while he is no SuperFish (yet) he shows some promise. Of course, he is built like a grasshopper, and practically skims over top of the water which gives him a bit of a natural advantage! I wasn’t sure if we would be able to convince him to try his very first race the length of the 25 metre pool.
It was hot and humid and a wee bit emotional, as the day also marked the last day that four of his closest schoolmates attended before heading off on new adventures (and to new primary schools). To be honest, I think it hit home with the mums more than the kids (although the older ones certainly ‘got it’).

So with a little lump in my throat, I give you:
The Swimming Carnival…
or more accurately:
The 25 metre Backstroke Race from the Swimming Carnival
Dash’s new teacher, Miss P calms his nerves before our little swimmer hops in the water…
Take your marks…
And he’s away and going well… with some seriously good support on the sidelines!
He’s feeling the pinch a little, and those arms are starting to take a little more effort to lift out of the water…
He’s fading… keep those arms going Dash!
Hope this little snippet somehow brightened, lightened or cooled your day.
I know it did mine.
On a more serious note, for those looking to do something to help out those tragically touched by the bushfires in southern Australia, I have posted some contact points near the top of the sidebar of this blog. International visitors should go through the Red Cross site provided. All support – from messages to money – is desperately needed. Do what you can. I will be.

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  1. With his little mask and his red shirt, I have to say that he looks like an ‘Incredible’ swimming. Hurray for Dash.

  2. Great job, Dash :-)

  3. I was a swimmer back in the day. What a fabulous experience. Maybe Dash will be Australia’s Michael Phelps. Keep up the good work, Dash.

  4. Cactus Jack Splash Reply February 10, 2009 at 1:29 am

    Great job Dash, you look like a little fish

  5. Ah, I miss those days of cheering the kids on at soccer, hockey, swimming, rugby (well, maybe not rugby. I was too busy averting my eyes and praying my son and nephew would walk off the field in one piece.)

  6. How fun!

    On another note – as a wildland firefighter and Red Cross volunteer in the states my thoughts have been with you all through this horrid season. Our Red Cross has been steadily sending money and supplies for relief to those who have survived. Keep letting people know how to help!

  7. Danielle – thanks so much. I feel very far from those that need the help down in southern Australia (and those suffering terribly from floods up north). It’s hard to know how to help – I figure I do my bit and show others which way to go if the urge hits offer assistance.

    Pam – I am dreading rugby – and Dash does love the Wallabies so it’s only a matter of time. Hopefully he’ll get a fire in his belly about swimming (or chess) before then!!

    CJS, M+B and Sabra – he loves the water. As does his mum.

    Debby – he IS an INcredible! Or Spiderman (if you look closely at the logos). WHo knew Spiderman could swim??

  8. Dash looks great! I swam competitively in high school here in the states & I loved it! It would be fun if Dash stayed into it. So many great swimmers to emulate (even if some do revert to infants @ times!)

    Wanted to let you know that I've linked to you & Gem in my latest post w/ special emphasis on the fires.

  9. Certainly brightened my day! Go Dash! It’s nice to have a happy moment amid the crisis there in Australia. All over the news here in the American West they are calling it a mass murder (it was arson right?). There is an email going around with a firefighter giving a koala water. I know that people are more important than animals but it’s so nice to see something like that in the middle of a tragedy. My prayers and more are going out to all the victims and their families.

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