Fire watch from afar…

Just a note to remind everyone to keep an eye on their news bulletins
The fires in Victoria are ramping up again with thousands of people evacuated and hundreds of firefighters removed from the firefront currently considered ‘too dangerous’.
My heart aches for those who have been on alert for weeks now.
I cannot imagine the weariness, the loss of normal life, the constant need to be ‘on guard’.
I hope the vigil pays off.
I hope everyone stays sane.
And that a good night’s sleep (or two!) is just around the corner.
And while I have been appreciating our green outlook & recent rain showers up here
My thoughts are down there - thousands of kms to the south of Granite Glen – with them tonight.

May the green follow the black… and soon!

Postscript: some rain has fallen overnight… not enough to put out fires but a hopeful change!

8 Responses to “Fire watch from afar…”

  1. Oh, I hope the fires will be put out quickly and all those tired people’s worries will be over real soon.

  2. Cactus Jack Splash Reply March 3, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    I feel bad complaining about our rain…hope some heads your way and helps with the fires.
    Our thoughts and prayers are still with your countrymen

  3. Amen, BB. We're in a bit of a pickle as well. No rain & this is one of our rainy times in Arizona. We haven't seen rain in months & our fire threat is red. I just hope & pray that we don't a) get an idiot in the mts w/ a match (think an illegal who doesn't realize the danger) or b) a lightening strike when we do finally get some rain.

    Prayers are there for your countrymen! May the rains come & stop the fires but not drown the people.

  4. I pray that rain comes today, even sooner. Now! Oh, I want rain of all of you.


  5. Hey BB, Thanks for reminding everyone of our life at the moment. We did get some rain last night – not enough, the fires are still going – but it is a start. Kids back to school today – again! Poor things don’t know whether they are coming or going.
    Life is almost good again. Thanks for all your support – it is very much appreciated.

  6. Woman in a Window Reply March 4, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    Such difficult times. Here’s hoping things improve right away. Like now.

  7. Things seem to be looking up here in Victoria tonight. Fingers crossed the good news continues. Nice post.

  8. New growth – luckily – persists! In nature, fires can be a good thing. That’s difficult to see through all the smoke and ashes! We are experiencing fires again here in Florida I think we share the dry season.
    Meet me in Paris on Monday. An adventure awaits!

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