Bigger, better, bloomin’ ‘eck!

I am messing with the image sizes on my blog.
If any of you subscribe to my posts, you will already know my pain.
Pony Girl got me started again with trying to improve the viewing of photos…
but of course, I got distracted halfway through and completely baffled myself with trying to HTML things …
note to self:
HTML stands for
Hellish Time Management Lesson
How To Mess up the Look (of my blog)
I suck at it.
I ended up deleting the limitations on my images (somehow)
and got …
Ginormous vertical photos

And semi-OK horizontal pics

at a cost of just 10 minutes per photo of fiddling (let’s not count the hour of swearing as I accidentally delete a comma and ruin the whole post… and begin the uploads again!)
Not very time-and-motion efficient.
And not likely to happen again in the near future
(seeing as how most of my posts have at least 8 images!! You do the math!)
Can anyone help me hone my actual blog script so I don’t have to twiddle and tweak (and rattle and hum and swear) on every blinking photo…
There has to be a way…
*echoing silence*

17 Responses to “Bigger, better, bloomin’ ‘eck!”

  1. Oh BB, you crack me up (HTML!) I will let you know when I figure it out! Someone out there has got to know!! ;) I love the first picture large, it looks awesome!

  2. I love the bigger size of your pictures!
    I hate dealing with computer stuff. It can be so frustrating! Good luck figuring it all out! I am sure someone out there knows how to do it!

  3. The big vertical pic is too big for the resolution on my screen. :( I know, I must be behind the times, but probably worth knowing for the few of us out there who still haven’t been able to justify upgrading their monitors!

    Part of the reason I’m doing the course I’m doing is to learn more about blog templates. I have a sneaking suspicion that the default photo size code is a blogger thing and hidden away in the blogger vaults somewhere, if you know what I mean…

    Send me a copy of your template and I’ll see if anything jumps out at me though…I’m just starting to learn javascript, so you never know. You’ve got my email address haven’t you?

  4. I don’t know anything about the computer stuff. Looking at your beautiful pictures in the larger size really shows them off.

  5. Danielle Michelle Reply May 13, 2009 at 12:23 am

    They look fantastic – however, i don’t beleive there is any quick way to do it…sorry!

    Looks like y’all had a great (albeit busy) time last week!

  6. Don’t know nothin bout no cum-pu-teeer stuff.

    I love the photos though. Man, that first one looks like a painting almost. Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. I have no idea what you mean so I can’t help you. Well, I COULD, but it would only make things worse, I’m guessing….

  8. Hey, I just want to know how to put up a “scenes from my world” on my blog!!! The only thing I html is a link to my videos… like… and all it is a cut and paste activity… very easy. Unless you try to do it on Monday when everyone is sharing their weekend activities!!

  9. I’ve been there. Frustration and stuff. I hope the people who design blog templates and software are working on making them more user friendly. p.s. Love the look on Dash’s face in the kite pic on your slide show. Oh heck, I love ALL the pics in your slide show!

  10. Let me know when you figure that out, k? LOL… I wouldnt even know where to start but would love to get much bigger pictures on my blog.

    Good luck.

  11. I love your blog! So glad I found it! Visiting your country has always been a dream of mine and seeing your life through your blog makes me more determined to do it!

  12. If there’s a way to do it, Genie would be the one to do it.

    All I know is that the first picture is beeeeeee-yyooooooooooou-teeeeeeeeee-ful.

  13. BB you need to pick the brains of the wonderful Sue Blimely she’s a whiz at HTML scripting, lives in Melbourne and is a lovely person :)

  14. Hiya BB,

    here's the piece of code I use for my page when I throw in a pic occasionally…

    [a href=""][img border="1" width="400" height="300" vspace="5" hspace="5" align="center" src=""/][/a] – just change the square brackets to those pointy brackets <> (Blogger won't let me use them here…). As you can see, you can adjust the height and width to suit your blog. The vspace and hspace will determine how much space you want around the picture if you're putting the picture in with some text – my blog post here will give you an example of that.
    Now, if you want a picture only, put the URL for that pic inside the quotation marks where it says src = and if you want the pic to link to an article, put THAT URL in the first set of quotation marks where it says a href= – here is another blog post to demonstrate…

    Finally, the alignment (where it says align=) – for just a picture, leaving it in the centre is fine but if you choose a picture AND text, you will need to align it left or right since Blogger can’t do a centre align in those circumstances.

  15. And even more finally, if you have a picture that’s not surrounded by text but sits above or below a paragraph you’ve written, wrap the code above inside this little piece of code as well…

    [div align="center"]put the above code in here[/div] – again, be sure to use the pointy brackets and be sure to spell center the arse-about way (as I’ve bolded), lol.

  16. Holy Moses Scotty… I need to clear the house of distraction, clear my mind, inhale a large caffeine drink of some variety and read that again… I am NOT a programmer!!!

  17. It looks harder than it really is, BB. If you’d like, I can show you how to set that piece of code permanently in your template so that it shows every time you do a new post – if you don’t need it, you simply delete it, but if you decide to use it, it’s there and you don’t have to remember it or cut/paste from somewhere else…

    I seem to have lost your email addy so send me a quick email when you have time so I can re-add you to my address book and I’ll give you those instruction too.


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