Drama Queen Postscript

Thanks for listening to the Great Bush Babe Drama yesterday…
seriously, you guys are better than therapy.
Honestly, could I have gone on MORE about myself?
And I didn’t even give you any real pictures to go with the whinging…
Hardly fair!
So despite the fact that I was too busy/stressed to snap any images during my sojourn in Big Town, I give you….
Proof that the Pavers Only Just Made It!

2 Responses to “Drama Queen Postscript”

  1. you should email that photo to the store you got the pavers from and tell them about the little bout of respect you got from the twit who loaded them into the trailer.

    i'm glad that you made it home safe if not sound.

  2. I don't think much more could have gone wrong on your trip and am glad to be one of the many who enjoys following your life and blog through the months. :) Hope that stain comes out in the wash!

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