Something old, something new – a weather update for you!

It’s Wednesday, Australian time.

And you know what that means:

Weather Watch time!

(I know, keep your raging excitement under control please!)


Before I rush into the forecast for the weekend, the image I am sharing is one snapped recently down at the stables. It’s of old rusted horse shoes (duh) hanging on an equally weathered old gate. I really love the authentic stamp Mother Nature and Father Time stamp on man-made things (well most of ‘em… p’raps not roads… or airplanes!).

And this shot is relevent because

My youngest cousin and his wonderful fiance get married this weekend.

(This couple here).

And I am shooting the pair of them. With a Nikon (unless Tom gives me too much cheek, then all bets are off!). And I guess this is my bloggy way of sharing “something old” (and horse-shoe-lucky) with them in the lead-up to their wedding day. They need no luck though – the most laid-back, well-suited pair you ever did see. Here’s hoping Jeanie’s paradise brings them sweet weather and a joyous day…


Temp: 7 – 28 degrees C

UV: high

Wind: 13 km/hr N (warm and nasty for fires)

Chance of Rain - sweet F/A (OK, that was my term)

Outlook: mostly sunny (and v. dusty. Again, my call!)



Temp: 13-26 degrees C

UV - high

Outlook: Mostly Sunny

Wind: 19km/hr ESE (perfect for veil tossing!)

So peoples… how’s the weather outside your window today?

And any special events it might affect this weekend?

16 Responses to “Something old, something new – a weather update for you!”

  1. OK, in South Dakota it is currently

    Current temp is 61 F (16 C)
    high of 87 F(30.5 C)
    little or no wind
    88% humidity

    Gonna be a hot, humid day. I'll put on extra deoderant. Tomorrow, hotter — it will be up to 93 F (34 C)

  2. Hey, it's still Tuesday here. In Australia. On the East Coast! You're getting ahead of yourself BushBabe! Showers forecast for my birthday tomorrow. :D But a top of 23 C isn't too bad for winter!

  3. We had quite the lightning show last night and got a bit of rain, too. I can't say exactly how hot it's been as the flies, mosquitoes, and ragweed have finally come out in full force and kept me indoors. I thought we were going to have a summer of less pests and I've been pulling the ragweed, but there's just too much of it all over the countryside.

  4. It's 79 in Onawa at the moment, heading for 88. Clear blue skies, sunshine – but I thought I left hot weather behind in Atlanta! Bring on Fall, please.

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. In Washougal Washington state, USA, Tuesday it is cloudy with a forcasted high of 74F, low of 56F, humidity of 88%. Wednesday there is a chance of rain, Yeay, then mabe I can get the fields drug.

  6. We had an unexpected storm come through in the early hours of the morning. Thunder, lighntning and some rain. So…. it's a little cooler (but still humid).

    Currently (here in south Arkansas) it's almost noon and 82F (28C).

    I don't mind the wet, but I'd rather it stay dry until I can move out all these puppies we're trying to find homes for. (details best not shared here)

  7. In Wasilla, Alaska USA at 9:30 am ADST:

    59 degrees F, humidity 67%, no wind and a rising barometer. The forecast for the rest of the week is partly cloudy with a chance of isolated showers. How vague can you get?

    This is the last weekend before public school starts. We don't participate in public school but who knows what people have planned for this weekend. I'm going riding…..

  8. We are cleaning up after some bad flash flooding. Water is very high. It is still raining.

  9. We had a small storm yesterday arvo,wtih hail. Was so nice, had about 10ml for the past 3 days,so heres hoping that it sets in and we get alot more to fill these tanks.
    South East Gippsland

  10. Elizabeth from the Gold Coast Reply August 12, 2009 at 7:57 am

    Forecast today Gold Coast:
    Min. 14c
    Max. 26c
    Presently overcast, we had a very slight sprinkle of rain overnight.

    No plans for coming weekend, have had house guests this week which has been fun but late late nights and early early mornings makes one a little weary….Oh yes..and the excessive champers and chardy didn't help!!!!!
    (Being ex farmers we are still in the habit of early to bed and early to rise).

  11. After some decent fog at 6 this morning, it looks to be another "fine" day here in Paradise. 21 degrees and partly cloudy (according to the forecast – I can see nary a cloud) – perfect weather really.

  12. In Maine we have had 2 thunderstorms today with heavy rain, very humid and hot. Tornado warnings in the town next to me…dont get those very much here in our neck of the woods… Have a great Wednesday.

  13. right now in saskatoon sk canada, it's tuesday 8:20 pm. the ambient temperature is 22 C with (according to environment canada) "distant precipitation" i haven't figured out what that means other than i can see it raining in the distance. either way, it's not raining right now where i am.

    they predict a thunder storm for later with a low of 13 C.

  14. Autumn is almost here and summer has finally arrived. I'd rather autumn.

    Pretty sure the forecast here for sun is sweet f/a though. Rain almost every day this summer.

  15. Northern NJ – 82F (28C) / 66F (19C)
    That 82 will feel like 97F (36C)
    Possible T Storm.

  16. I am so behind on this post! But at least the weather is a bit different today than it has been for the past 4 weeks (hot and dry). It's still hot but a storm has moved in and a nice breeze has picked up. It's 83F but feels nice with the cloud cover. The low Sunday is 59F. What's up with the crazy temp swings?

    Love the horseshoe by the way. I used to find them in the field behind my house, totally rusted and old and i would hang them all over the house. My roommates loved it :-)

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