Favourite Things: Marriage moments in monotone

I am finally getting around to working through the gazillion images shot at my cousin’s wedding a few weekends ago. And I thought, while I have my ever-growing butt parked in front of the computer, I’d share a couple with you here.
One thing you should note before I go on (and on and on) is that I am NOT a professional wedding photographer.
I repeat, I am not a Professional Wedding Photographer.
So please go easy on me.
DSC_0153 bw e

What I am is an ex-regional news photographer.

So what I enjoy is spontaneity.

Not so good at perfect lighting.

Not too bad at getting the moment.



And I adore black-and-white.

Especially for weddings…

I think it’s timeless,

it freezes the moment,

(and it’s fab for uneven skin tones).

Not that THIS bride needed to worry about that.

Shall we begin reliving a couple of her
moments in monotone?
Alrighty then…
DSC_0373 bwe
This is one of my favourite shots – as the bride and her friend hugged outside the church.
The friend was not supposed to be there – being heavily pregnant with twins – but she had snuck in. And when the bride stood to sign the register she spotted her friend hidden in congregation… and despite being the coolest bride I have ever been around, she completely lost it. (And yes, so did I… hopeless!)
I love that you can see the delight plastered all over their faces!
(NB Identical twin boys have since safely arrived…)
Or this Betty Boo look…
l&j_0012 (2) blog
As the bridesmaid ‘adjusted’ something underskirt,
our playful bride hammed it up…
to the bemusement of her Dad and new husband.
(and the amusement of my cousin, and fab photo assistant at left)
How about this split second
as the bride watched her new hubby disappear back into the limo?
DSC_0104 bw blog
I could never, ever have posed this shot…
it just happened.
And I happened to almost get it in focus!!
OK …
This one was set up…
DSC_0098 bw e
In what is now a traditional family wedding pose…
we are women, hear us roar (or groan!)
My cousin loves his cricket…
so it was only natural to include a quick game in the wedding photo shoot!
DSC_0114 (2) bwe
Ain’t love grand?
(With a cricket bat in hand!)
Of course…
…SOME things need to be in colour really.
I guess I’ll do some of those up soon too…
In the meantime, what are your favourite wedding moments?
Were they caught on film (or megapixel?)
Are you a colour or black-and-white fan?
This happy snapper wants to know…

11 Responses to “Favourite Things: Marriage moments in monotone”

  1. Elizabeth from the Gold Coast Reply September 7, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous photos BB – I adore the Betty Boo moment it's priceless…As I've said before, you and that Nikon make a great team, you are as good (if not better) than any professional photographer.

    I'm older than horse hair so when I married I had no choice of my photos being black and white or coloured, it was black and white or nothing!!! We engaged a professional photographer from Melbourne who travelled 100 miles to photograph our wedding (In those days it was a LOT of money but the end result was well worth it), At the time, we had two lots of friends who married and hired a local wedding photographer – none of the photos turned out!! The newlyweds had to dress up in their wedding finery after the honeymoon for a re-shoot which wasn't the same as one of the brides had her hair cut really short on her honeymoon…

    Congratulations again on a great job well done.

  2. Lovely photos!! I just love that heart shaped goblet at the top!

    We pretty much eloped (24 years ago and still counting) so our only pictures are a couple of snapshots. No flowers, no music…. but also no regrets for taking the easy way.

    I think it all depends on the actual photo whether I prefer color, b&w or sepia. Sometimes it's neat when it's a b&w pic that has one distinguishing item "colorized".

    btw… I decided to spring and have the prints I got from you professionally framed. They deserved the extra care. : )

  3. Love the photos BB, also your new backdrop on your page. Keep us smiling! P.S. Did jeanie get the pepper jelly thingie

  4. I love those photos, BB, they are just perfect, you capture the moment just so.

  5. I didn't have a wedding (didn't want one), but I'd known a photographer like you–I might have rethought my decision. These are just gorgeous. I can't quite decide which one is my favorite, though I think the one with the couple hand-in-hand is it.

  6. Not a proffessional photographer eh? Could'a fooled me eh? those shots are just lovely!!!
    theresa in Alberta

  7. Don't undersell yourself!! If they're not professional, then I wouldn't ever want 'professional'. Your photos are always amazing, and these are no exception. They must be stoked!

  8. love them all especially betty boo! gorgeous flowers too :)

  9. You are all TOOO sweet… am waiting nervously for a professional to chime in and point out all the faults, but my cousin and his wonderful gal knew my limitations when they chose me. It was a fabulous, laid-back Aussie wedding and I hoped to show that…

    Bigheaded Bob, I did pass that onto Jeanie.

  10. OK, that last flower shot took my breath away. But I enjoyed the spontaneity of a lot of your shots, too. Makes it more real.

  11. WIAW and Diane – thankyou. More colour ones soon…

    Elizabeth from GC – I am still recovering from the "I'm older than horse hair' comment… hilarious. An idea for post brewing…

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