Weather Watch – and the Harsh Truth about my Water

It’s weather watch time (I do remember my own weekly segment occasionally) but I am spicing it up a little today.
And when I say ‘spicing it up a little’ I mean cinnamon.
Or nutmeg.
Not quite sure.
What do you think?
It’s my water here at Granite Glen. Not my drinking water – that would be gross. Our drinking water falls from the sky, onto our roof, down our guttering, and (all things being un-holey) into our rainwater tanks.

Not to be confused with our river water tanks.
As you can see from the spill stains from our high tank, bit of sediment comes with the water pumped from underneath the river bed.

And when I say ‘a bit’ I mean ‘a truckload’.
It’s hell on whites.
It’s hell on white fences, white clothes and cream walls. water_1826
I swear this house is going to be repainted orange one day.
(MUM, I am kidding! Kinda. More terracotta really.)
From a photography perspective, of course, the reflections in dark water are great.
Dancing on black water!
And the kids don’t care at all… especially doing their ‘hose tricks’.
This is ‘rabbit ears’.
‘Ice-cream cone’.
And ‘sprinkler shower’.
To my relief the pool is no longer black or even orange.
We have FINALLY got the water clear with much chlorine and creepy-crawly action.
But you know, it’s so hot at the moment, I wouldn’t care if the water was purple.
THIS is what I am going to be wanting to do pretty much all day today.
Maximum expected 38 degrees Celcius.
Hot winds.
Less than 5% chance of less than 5mm of rain.

18 Responses to “Weather Watch – and the Harsh Truth about my Water”

  1. Not bad really for November in southeast Michigan! Temps have been in the mid to high 50's, no rain and mostly sunny lately and best of all, NO SNOW yet! Usually by Thanksgiving we have at least one day of flurries so we'll see what next week brings. All in all, can't really complain yet!

  2. I want to hop in that pool!!!

    Here – reached 30 yesterday, expected again today with only a very slight breeze – over 75% humidity for the rest of the week and NO CHANCE of rain…

  3. Beautiful day, sunny. I unloaded a truckload of firewood, and got pretty sweaty. (No, I wasn't wearing my apple green pointy toed mules). It was in the 50s, and that is unbelievable weather for November.

    Do they make a product called 'Iron Out' or 'Red Out' to add to your laundry in Oz? They sell it here, and it is hugely effective. It's a powder. Our well is 300 ft deep. We have good water. No iron. Usual for this area.

  4. Er. Unusual for this area.

  5. Our well is deep, too, Debby, but we do have some iron. Fortunately we're able to filter it out before it gets in the house.

    After a bit of rain yesterday, it's been pleasantly cool here (south Arkansas) today (50sF). Should get back up in the 60sF later in the week.

    Enjoyed the pictures of the kiddos playing in the pool.

  6. we're experiencing unusually warm weather. usually by now we have snow and are wearing mittens, touques and parkas. it's 12C right now at just past midnight. this weather continues tomorrow but cooling slightly to under 10C. go figure. supposedly we're looking at snow this weekend.


  7. Pool is looking good! I'm sure it will be well used this summer!
    Much Much Much cooler here today after yesterdays swelter. I think it was only about 26 or 27 – a bit of cloud cover helped. No rain though. Big storm last night but mainly theatrical.

  8. Rain rain rain here in the Pacific North west of the US. SW Washington state. 46F (7.77C)high Wed! and 43F (6.11C)for the low! brrrrrr It has been snowing in the mtns, around 2500-3000 feet(762-914.4m) in elevation, and the ski resorts have opened up on Mt Hood in Oregon state.

    Warm weather and a swimming pool sound heavenly!!

  9. Getting stinking hot here tomorrow (Thurs) and Fri, fire warnings, cool change "allegedly" due Sat'rdee, sometime (believe it when I see it).

  10. It was plus 15 degrees celcius here in Alberta Canada yesterday! Just lovely. I donot mind NOT dressing like eskimos :-)
    Theresa in Alberta
    p.s. nice set of teeth Dash is growing.

  11. Here in northern New Jersey…
    58F/14C for high
    38F/3C for low
    That with sun and some clouds.
    Be blessed!

  12. It's 30 degrees F in Iowa, and Henry Morgan greeted the world 11/17 at 12:27pm!!! 8kb 12oz!!

    Grandma Nancy in Iowa

  13. Upside down from you we're just now getting into our colder days. High yesterday was about 55 F. Last night was about 35 F. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cooler dryer weather!!!! We'll be thinking of all you Incredible Aussie friends!

    PS Oh, chuckle, chuckle — my word (security) was neked. You won't swim that way, even in the great hot weather you're having? will you BB?

  14. Today the current temp is -4F, which is up from -20F yesterday. There is about 6" of snow on the ground and snow showers (with little or no accumulation) are expected on the weekend.

  15. Your water tank looks like my float :-)…it is my float.
    Getting plenty of rain in WA…much needed

  16. Hey there! I am too ill to really look up conversions at this point. But when I went out to feed the cows this evening it was 55˚F. I would like to be dangling my feet in your pool, looks fun!!

  17. The spirit of children! I need to learn to not judge based on the looks of things. Just dive in! (I mostly don't do too badly on that one.)

    You always capture a moment honestly.


  18. Cold and clear but it's supposed to snow all weekend! I'm pretty excited. I do love the snow. BUT the awesome pool shots are making me really wish i could go swimming in the warm sun right now!

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