Messin’ with Mirages

I hate to harp on in my weekly (kinda, sorta) weather reports here at the Bush Babe blog… but have I mentioned its a bit hot? Uncomfortably, sweatily, ruddy-faced hot. Make-up sliding right off your face and onto the floor hot. Skin sizzling hot. Yearning for snow kinda hot. Have I mentioned it? Oh… I have? Right then.

Moving right along.

Would you like to see a snap from our recent weekend away to the gorgeous Darling Downs region? Here’s one I snapped from the car window as we headed home – sorry you are not getting the elegant expanses of Toowoomba’s amazing fig-tree lined Margaret Street. Or the lush gardens throughout this great town/city. Or the shakin’ down nightlife we discovered there. No. THIS is what I give you… mirages.
mirage_0239 sooc
Outback maths: Flat open expanses plus heat equals shimmering horizons.
Kinda groovy really.

I messed with it a little: this is with Pioneer Woman’s Soft & Faded action.
mirage_0239 soft&faded e
Now with PW’s Fresh & Colorful
(not sure you can make a mirage ‘fresh’ but I tried!)
mirage_0239 fresh&colourful

And with a textured action I discovered somewhere called Vintage.
mirage_0239 vintage
A bit ‘worked’ maybe?

I actually don’t mind this… looks like something my grandmother might have seen about 80 years ago. If her eyesight had been dodgy when she was about 20.
But you know what I mean…
What is your favourite version?
And while you are in the comments section (you know you want to) can anyone out there beat our forecast maximum of 38 degrees Celsius (minimum of 19 degrees?).
And while we are all competitive, who can go the lowest?
I NEED to read about something other than extreme sunburn here people… because according to our weather bureau the thermometre will plummet with showers (of less than one mm) to a chilly 34 degrees on Monday.
Can’t. hardly. wait.

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  1. Here in all-white northern NJ

    High: 37F/-3C partly (mostly?) sunny
    Low: 20F/-7C

    I know; no extremes here

  2. The second image has the appearance of a sepia toned B&W photo, and for whatever reason, conveys the feeling of the intense heat. I don`t think we`ll beat your forcast max temp. today, as we`re only expecting a high of 21 degrees F.

  3. (Sigh) Not trying to be "anonymous", but the computer won`t have it any other way!

  4. Hey there!
    New to this blog, but loving it so far.
    I'll throw my hat into the ring:
    In Nova Scotia, Canada, we are at a balmy temperature for this time of year. Last night we got 20cm of snow, it was a winter wonderland. This morning I woke up and it was gone! Why?

    Because the high today is +6 C – a heat wave!

  5. Yesterday, my dear, we had rain, snow, sleet, hail, thunder storms, high winds and sun shine. Today, we're having some fairly high wind gusts. It is 18F, which is -8C. It is snowing, and it is gray and soft outside.

    Picture number one displays the mirage the best, but I also like the second photo simply because it looks so timeless.

  6. We awoke to -33 F the other morning… this morning -28 F… wow, getting warmer. Your skin will freeze to your face, not melt off! Does that make you feel better?

  7. Oh heavens, I thought I could be a winner today, but Carol, you take got me beat!

    Here in the lovely plains of the Dakotas we are at -6 F or -21C. Oh, never mind the 7 inches of snow and the 20 mile an hour winds…. It is LOVERLY here!

    I guess I feel better since Carol has me beat.

  8. I like the soft and faded version. Very nice!

    It's snowy and -7C here. Perfect for Christmas spirit and walking, unless you're my dog Buddy who quits halfway and wants to burrow into my coat.

  9. MINUS 16f or MINUS 27c here. Sssoo k-kold the boogers freeze in your nose. "Warming up" to single digits (around minus 13c)this afternoon. I SO wish I could send some of this arctic air your way. Liked the original photo best.

  10. Can I go for the most wonderful weather award? 31 expected today, overcast skies are clearing now for sunshine, and we expect a slight breeze off the ocean…

    Love the photos.

    You fan.

  11. Well – there are definetely colder poepl out there, but we were at -13 F last night. High 18 F today.

    However the sun IS out!

  12. Each photo has its attraction, but I think I agree with Debby…. either one or two. (four's awfully neat, though)

  13. Both 2 and 4 float my boat.
    You seriously need to get into scrapbooking; with current-day 'vintage' pics from around Granite Glen you could make some fab little keepsakes for Dash and Violet for when they're older.
    No idea what the temp is supposed to be in Melb but you know the saying – wait around 5mins and it'll change!

  14. I won't win coldest–our low last night was 6F, high today might have just barely made it up to freezing. Had a magical drive home from work this pre-dawn morning–headlights set the frost crystals to sparkling. By the time I took the kids to school the sun was fully up, but they got part of the effect–the sun on the frost was beautiful if the angle was just right. For an otherwise brown, dead winter look, the sparkles really made a difference.

    On the subject of those pictures, well, number 1 seems to bring out the muggy, sweaty heat, but 3 looks more like hot sun… What can I say? I love color. ;-)

    Best to you and yours!

  15. I like all of these, actually but maybe the vintage the best. Or no, the soft & faded.

    It's cold here today in Maryland.

  16. Opposites attract me – I like both the fresh blue one and the vintage! Cold here – had our mini blizzard on Mon night and Tues – about 4-5" of snow. Temp was 5F earlier today, but has soared to 10F currently! But the skies have been blue and the sun has been out in full glory the past 2 days.

    Nancy in Iowa

  17. Other than the original I like the vintage look…does look like an old photo.

  18. I liked fresh and colorful until I saw the last one and read that it reminded you of your Grandmother! Then that was my favorite. I just love Grandmas! : ) I am sorry you are hot there. We are SO super duper cold here in Pennsylvania right now. It is not even funny… Brrrrr.

  19. Down to 18 degrees in southern Pennsylvania last night. Cold for this time of year. I can't choose a favorite photo in your post. They're all unique in a special way. The vintage one keeps catching my eye. Like you, reminds me of something from my grandmother's time…sweet memories.

  20. I can't even remember what it's like to be hot! Our current temp is -25C, but combined with the wind, our windchill is currently -37C. Wind chill is forecasted to fall to -48C overnight and rise to a balmy -45C by morning. Forecasted high temp for tomorrow is -25C, with windchill staying below -36C all day. Not sure I'll even leave the house tomorrow!

    Audrey – Manitoba, Canada

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