Foodie me, foodie you?

I am a Foodie.  I love food.  Always did, but  my gastronomical senses (?) were awoken in my twenties thanks to life in a predominently Italian-populated town (hello Griffith) and then meeting an adventurous husband-to-be.  One of the things I learned through these experiences, and through travel in Europe to Mexico and Egypt, is that simple is best.

(I had always thought this mantra applied only to makeup and maths…)

Anyway, a decade ago Mr Incredible and I travelled through Switzerland – he worked there for a while, and I joined him for a little trip/test drive of our relationship soon after.  It was amazing – we managed to survive each other and fall FURTHER in love with food.  Among the dishes we adored in this part of the world was Fondue.

Have you ever had it?

In Australia, it tends to be regarded as a fad that took place in the 70s – but of course, to the Swiss, it is a celebrated national dish.  And considered how freaking COLD it can be over there near the Matterhorn, one can see why.  Melted cheeses in white wine and garlic, with fresh crusty bread dipped in.


It’s evil and heavenly at the same time.


Simple and seductive…


Dip, dip, twist, twist…


Oozing naughtiness and deliciousness…


Is your mouth watering… like mine was two nights ago when our Swiss neighbour invited us over for dinner?



I am still recovering from it’s richness but I may have to wipe the drool from my chin just posting these pics up…


What’s your favourite foreign dish?

Have you ever tried fondue?

Do you own a fondue set? (Go on, admit it!)

11 Responses to “Foodie me, foodie you?”

  1. Oh, you know Montrealers love their food. We have served fondue at home, and there is a restaurant where you can order a three course fondue. The first is cheese, the second is broth in which you cook meat (like beef, caribou, rabbit, etc.) and the third is chocolate, into which you plunge fresh fruit and bits of sponge cake.

    Have you ever tried raclette? I’m sure your Swiss neighbour could do that one next!
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..Party like its the 70s

  2. Oh, BB…. I’ve fought my weight for most of my adult life and I think you just caused me to put on a few pounds from your photos alone!

    Yes, I love fondue (been years since I’ve had any) and that looks SO GOOD!! But then isn’t anything with cheese good?

    (mmm..had the chocolate kind NW referred to, also!)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Shadow Shot Sunday 3

  3. Oh….and are those Batman jammies I see? Cute!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Shadow Shot Sunday 3

  4. BATMAN likes fondue? You KNOW it! Dang, that does look yummilicious! bread, cheese and wine…SOLD right down the river!

  5. I have a tiny little fondue set that I used for a Sisters’ Saturday gathering at my house. We had chocolate fondue with marshmallows, bananas, and little squares of sponge cake. Yummmmmm…… Next time I’ll have to try cheese. Love the pictures!
    Bragger´s last blog post ..Why I Love Living in the South

  6. TLee took my comment. BATMAN likes Fondue? The fondue looks good. My favorite foreign dish is a toss up. I love moussaka. I also love bibimbop. And I love fresh salsa. And also bruschetta.

    Fondue? I had it once when I was very young, at a friend’s house, and I remember that I felt very grown up and I liked it. I would certainly be willing to try it again.
    debby´s last blog post ..Where I Wasnt

  7. Mmmmmmm, I once had fondue in Gruyere, Switzerland. There was bread, potatoes and pearl onions (I think) to dip into the rich cheese….with a glass of local white wine…it was a meal for the gods.

    My favorite type of food is probably Mexican. I love salsa and pico da gallo (I’m spelling that wrong…sorry) with chips. Fajitas are yummy as well.

  8. Mexican Food. In Oaxaca there is a little restaurant that has an open air balcony that looks over the zocalo. That’s where I learned about mole’ sauces–to name a few: negro (black, made from chocolate and roasted grains), amarillo (yellow), coloradito (reddish), verde (green), and rojo (red). There is nothing like quesadillas and enchiladas made with fresh, fresh ingredients such as avocados and limes that were growing on a tree just hours ago. Nothing like that in Idaho.

    Then there is fresh seafood like lobster and scallops also not available this far inland.

    As for fondue–missed the fad and have never had the pleasure. Must put it on my list.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..BIRDS- WEATHER &amp FOOD three favorite subjects in ONE post!

  9. Batman TRIED fondue (which deserves a round of applause anyway)… but then moved on to the Spaghetti Bolognaise. Batman is a being of international tastes…

  10. Hey BB, aren’t you glad your gall bladder came out a while back…. it would have hated the fondue!! But YUM….no worries now!! xo

  11. Love fondue. But favourite food overall is french, sans doute. Apart from that, in Morocco a good tagine, in Egypt and elsewhere Babahanoush ( aubergine dip, spelled phonetically; in Portugal pork with clams, in Spain The Ham; In Scotland McSween’s haggis…..sigh

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