I had a question in the comments section (from my friend Bragger) a few days ago about how people can help those hit by the terrible Queensland floods.  I have been meaning to address it for a couple of days…

While the images taken here at Granite Glen are confronting for us…

flood_0938 e

…the sheer scale and scope of this rural tragedy is far more than I can wrap my head around.

A city underwater - photo by Rob Maccoll (Courier-Mail)

Ten people have died.

An area the size of France and Germany combined – bigger than the entire state of New South Wales – has been inundated.

A house inundated in Emerald - photo by : Jodie Richter (Courier Mail)

That’s a lot of country.

Time is featuring images and stories from this event.  You know it’s big when Time publishes it. (George Clooney in Sudan is the following featured gallery!)

People are not only facing having their homes filled with mud and debris, but snakes are busy finding the high ground too (and they don’t care if they have to share it with humans!).

So as I hunt through our wardrobes here for clothing I can donate to those who have lost EVERYTHING in this natural disaster, I have decided to add a link to my sidebar here for those wanting to donate financially to those worst affected by this crisis.  It looks like this and will take you to The Premier’s Flood Appeal.

(The appeal is being run by the Queensland Government and is on a secure site.)

We may or may not qualify for the assistance being offered.  We will struggle to get things operational again anytime soon – but so many are so much worse off than us.

My heart is with them all.


Please note the two aerial flood photos are not taken by me – I have tried to caption them correctly but the font is in white and not showing!

They should read:

A city underwater – photo by Rob Maccoll (Courier-Mail)


A house inundated in Emerald – photo by Jodie Richter (Courier Mail)

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  1. Fantastic idea, my friend! Watching the covering on the national news tonight, I wondered where you were located, which is why I e-mailed you. Take care, BB.
    Kate´s last blog post ..By jove- I think I’ve got it

  2. Thanks for posting that! We had a terrible flood here in Tennessee this last May. I just made a donation.
    Teri´s last blog post ..January Goal- Iron Chef!

  3. Well said Bush Babe, and my heart goes out to everyone affected. My friend Julie, on Facebook, is in Mackay. They are having their power supply in short bursts, one hour of power every four hours. Whilst they appreciate that, they know that others are worse off. I also know she is helping out with emergency accommodation some how. Being ex Army helps.
    Take care..
    Cazzie´s last blog post ..Set to be a scorcher

  4. This has made the news headlines here in Canada, above all else. It’s a huge story around the world.

    Usually the best way to help any country with a disaster this size is with money. Authorities don’t have the resources to handle boxes of clothing or canned food etc., but they will make sure the money goes to provide these things quickly and efficiently.

    I have dealt with basement flooding on two occasions and I know the toll something that small can take on a family – financially and emotionally. My sister lost her house and everything in it to a tornado in 1984, as did many other people in her community. She was lucky – she and her two sons survived. Many others did not.

    To see the scope of the devastation in these areas…I can’t even imagine how these people are feeling right now. The very least I can do is make a contribution.
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..The Winner!!

  5. we had a MAJOR flood here in the Atlanta Metro Area in September 2009. Many folks are still dealing with the effects of it. Schools were closed. Many homes are still abandoned because they uninhabitable and they still have no resolution for the value of their home. HSARDLY anyone had flood insurance because Georgia homeowner insurance did not allow homeownwers to have flood insurance unless they were deemed to be in a flood zone!! The enormous flood had changed all that and also changed exactly what areas ar flood zones now. We were also one of the lucky families. I still feel for all those who have had to somehow figure out how to pick up with NOTHING and build a life and home again!! I certainly will pray for all who have been devestated by the flood. I wish I were able to do more. I hope that the resources you need to get back into shape around there will materialize!
    TLee´s last blog post ..Christmas 2010

  6. Good for you BB to spread the word. A flood is the worst kind of devastation. Everyone feels it. The mess and the smell seeps into every crevice and can rot the life out of those affected. Helping hands and good wishes can do a lot to lift heavy hearts. I donate to my church which is sending humanitarian aid.

    We found curled-up mud under out bathtub when we remodeled—thirty plus years after our area went under water from a broken dam. Even with a lot of help–it takes a long time to recover.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..WHEN TAKING A PASS IS NOT THE EASY WAY OUT

  7. Finally your horrible tragedy is hitting the news in the States. We have had touches of what is happening on the weather channel but now the big guys are picking it up.

    I am so sorry! Hugs and prayers from Colorado

    Linda´s last blog post ..Another Year- Another Day

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