Whips at dusk

We have had a really busy fortnight here, with the school holidays bringing lots of little (and a couple of larger) visitors.  We love visitors here at Granite Glen – the house here is huge and can accomodate many people (and much happy mess).  Of course, work doesn’t stop just because school does – there has been a lot of mustering and end-of-year financial work (thanks for your help Jeanie) and COOKING!  Man, I never thought I’d enter the catering scene – but I learned I AM capable of coming up with meals for ten plus people for breakfast, lunch and dinner (for a couple of weeks at least!). I have had the world’s busiest dishwasher here.  If they ever invent one that unloads itself, I will be the first in line!

And don’t start me on the laundry…

But (to quit the whinging momentarily) I loved having everyone.  It’s nice having people come to you – it’s nice not having to drive anywhere.  It’s nice seeing kids run round wild and free and (did I mention wild?).  Especially when studies are showing many Aussie kids have never even climbed a tree!  Let me tell you, NOTHING is safe from being climbed here…

Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our last holidays visitor – a horse-riding, tree-climbing, whip-cracking regular to the walls of this house.


Salina. (Jeanie‘s ‘big’ girl).  My neice.  I was there when she was born, you know. And lots and lots of other times that also proved life-altering moments for me.


Salina got a  big fright while riding after the floods – her horse got bogged to the belly and panicked.  She had to jump off a flailing horse.  No-one was hurt physically, but that kind of panicky fright stays with you a bit.  (I know cause the same thing almost happened to me.)

This holidays she started enjoying her riding again, which was really wonderful to see.


She is the Queen of the Grandkids, Salina.  We managed to gather all the grandchildren (of which she is the oldest) together at my brother’s house last week and Salina led a Dancing With the Stars (Cousins) performance that lifted the roof off. (Am hoping Jeanie downloads the video successfully to share.) Twas gorgeous!


And as her farewell drew closer yesterday afternoon, she and Dash and Violet (and a couple of extra visiting kids) took the whips out into the paddock and let rip.

It was like Guy Fawkes Day without the fire.  Pop-pop-CRACKING around the ridges.  And no-one cracked it louder than Salina.

It’s gonna be awful quiet round here.

We miss you already, darlin’ girl.

Your Auntie BB.

PS Can someone come with a bulldozer to help clean the post-visitor debris from my house? That’d be peachy…

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures, BB. And I love that you let the kids use the bull whips. As I recall from my own childhood, my first ventures earned many stinging “back lashes” from my own whip.

  2. Stunning photos as usual, BB, and like Mary, I haven’t cracked a whip in many, many years for the same reasons.


  3. Gorgeous photos! Fond memories of cracking a whip!

  4. Every child should know the joy of climbing a tree! And maybe cracking a whip and riding a horse, too, but especially climbing a tree. Some parents these days are so paranoid. They freak whenever a kid does the kinds of things kids are supposed to do. I’m glad there’s none of that going on at your place. Gorgeous photos, as always.

  5. Aw! Salina looks so grown. Sigh. All of the kids are growing so quickly.

  6. Lovely photos, such great colors

  7. When I was about 10 my daddy brought home a bullwhip, an 8 footer if I remember correctly. I learned how to crack that whip and even learned how to double pop it. I took it to school for a talent show (remember this was over 50 years ago and people weren’t paranoid) and showed all the kids in school how loud you could crack a whip and even cracked a piece of paper out of my little brother’s hand without touching him. I mean what are little brothers for except to dare them to do something like that… Thanks for bringin back that memory for this old Okie.


  8. Thanks for the gorgeous pics of the girl – think we will put her on the reserve across the road to crack so that the locals don’t call the cops!! V suggested the back yard, but I think people won’t jump so much if they can see the cause!!

  9. Yes, these are wonderful photos! I’m quite impressed with the whip action. I was never very good with the one we had when I was a child. (even though I’m pretty good with a rolled up, damp dishtowel!)

  10. What everybody said above!!! Isn’t that low backlight the very, very coolest for taking photos!!! (Like horse action? Come by and see what I caught)

  11. From Salina:

    No way, no way, no way!! I am NOT LETTING my mum put that video up.

    (Mua ha ha ha ha from her mother…)

  12. Beautiful and dreamy!

  13. I would love to come help with the clean up…I love it out there. Perhaps we could visit in September holidays – you cook, I clean?? xox

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