Final hours, Big memories (Ch 16)

Well we are BACK.  After a rude (protracted) interruption from BB’s Real Life, she invites you to once again get comfortable as you take an armchair (office chair?) virtual visit to the United States with her FairyBlog Tale Family – the Prince, the Princess, the Father and (of course) the Mother.  If you are one of those people who has problems with oblique storybook references, this is simply a poor excuse for BB to relive her own family’s trip to the USA earlier this year… so if you have your coffee poured and your phone off, we shall get ready, set…. GOOOOOO!


So like THAT *clicks fingers* the Family’s time in New York City was almost over.  Despite having packed an extraordinary amount of experiences into their four days in the World’s Most Famous City, the Prince and Princess and Father and Mother were by no means resting on their collective laurels during their last few hours there.

For those who have never been there, you need to understand that just WALKING a block in NYC  is an experience….


A neon-encrusted, police-on-horseback, stylish-people-filled experience.

With something HUGE and AMAZING usually waiting for you on the corner…

Something like the Toys R Us inside ferris wheel.  A ferris wheel inside a store.  Yuh-huh.


Of course there are also queues and dollar bills involved (Americans won’t understand the strange novelty of dollar bills – Aussies who must dig into their coin section to hunt out little gold coins will!)


Oh look – the Prince (aka Transformer Boy) found something he could ALMOST cram into his suitcase…


Hmmmm… the Mother murmured something about Customs and issues with armoured mechanical off-siders.   The Prince scowled but was then distracted with Something Shiny. It WAS New York after all.  And this was just ONE of the reasons The Mother loved it so…

As they walked back towards their amazing hotel room (and the Best Bed in the World), the Family talked about all the things they had experienced in their American trip so far.  And typically for them, food was at the top of the discussion list..

They recalled how The Princess had discovered the pancakes were actually Giant Pikelets – and therefore safe to put into her well-guarded digestive system.


Even if the indimidating serving was half her body weight.

They discovered Bangers and Mash is a world-wide culinary phenomenon (and the Prince was a Happy Happy Boy as a result).


And the Father discovered the American portion sizes could even pull his six foot two, working bloke hunger  up before the plate was clean…


(The Mount Everest of Corned Beef)

They also reflected nostalgically on their experiences here…

The Giant Piano (from Big and this post)…


(Anyone see the ‘Very Big’ theme being repeated here? Just sayin’…)

And of course (the thing they would still be talking about when remembering New York some six months later) SNOW!

Busy street snow…


Calm, dramatic, big city snow…


About-to-throw-an-iceberg snow…


And squirrely snow…


This photo right here captures the TWO most exciting New York things for the Prince and Princess.  Which says a lot about Aussie bush kids, don’t you think?  Mother Nature trumps skyscrapers (trumps Trump?) once again.

For the Mother, memories crowded overwhelmingly.  Meeting (and surprising the pants off) her dear blogging friend Debby remained a huge highlight.  As did Central Park, and Broadway, and the Top of the World Rock.

That and the view from their hotel’s restaurant would forever win a special place in her heart…

nyc_1292 e

As she happily snapped silhouetty photos of people snapping photos of neon billboards.  She pondered out loud how people are strange creatures.


Tweeting, snapping, spectating, neon-light tanned, intriguing creatures…  and then the Father reminded the Mother that that description fit her perfectly. And she shut up and ate her satay sticks.

The next morning, as they dragged their reluctant bodies and over-stuffed suitcases into their scary shuttle bus, and took their last long looks at their new friend, New York, they understood what all the fuss was about…


Despite the self-hype for which she is renowned (and which Aussies usually abhor) she’s one crazy, sexy, busy, bright, fast, ever-entertaining happening place.  And she hangs onto her visitors tight, as she wows them with her brilliance.


Luckily their tickets were booked, to some more places of wonder and intrigue. Places of long-horned cattle, of slow-drawlin’ cowboys and more BIG stuff.

But for that you will need to turn the page to the next Chapter for that fabulous set of experiences.

Oh hang on… 

You will need to nag the author to WRITE the next chapter first.



For those who missed earlier chapters:
















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  1. Wow-that’s an action packed post describing seriously spent time in the Big Apple. Good for you. Too bad that you missed northern California and our sights – perhaps next time around. San Francisco is as intriguing as NY, I think.

  2. So glad the story is continuing! (so please, please write the next chapter!!)

    That plate of sausages has my mouth watering…and I’ve already had my supper! Mmmmmmm!

  3. Yes, I’m very glad you took time out of your super busy life to put together another post about your (that’s a plural “you” for you and your family or, as they say south of here, y’all) adventures. What a hoot!

    Except I’m not sure I want to be reminded about snow. Still trying to recover from one of the longest, darkest, dreariest, winters ever.

    I’m looking very much forward to the next part about the trip to see Ree!




    (I think I know whats next! Exciting!)


  5. I love those last two photos. And may I tell you how wonderful it is to see snow? In this weather! Wonderful!

  6. These photos are stupendous (see, a New York word even, just for you!). They bring back so many memories of that crazy, beautiful city. Now, just let me get my naggy pants on. More please…

  7. Come on BB, it’s only 7 weeks til I head to the deep south of Texas and about….pleeeassseee, I want to hear your story before I go!! :-) xox

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