So we are on the road again today.


Approx 1300 km between now and home again.  Lucky I love driving.

And we get four sleeps with some fabulous friends in the Big Smoke.

Tis Ekka time.

mirror_0712 e

And I have TOTALLY bitten off more than I can chew in the next two days.  Natch.

Honestly, I was TRYING to say NO to someone, and it just came out OKAY, SURE.

Does that ever happen to you?

mirror_0714 e

So don’t miss me too much okay?  While I am gone… don’t forget to have your say here.  (Am leaning heavily towards a YES on this one – shocking I know!)

And go check my sister’s blog sometime late Friday… teaser here.

Be good y’all.

And if you cannot be good, be CAREFUL.



PS Shots taken as we approached our big bridge over the river near home… ain’t she purty when she calms down?

PPS Got some time on your hands – relive our amazing floods hereI just did and it blew me away all over again!

9 Responses to “Pause…”

  1. Don’t take photos while you’re driving like I do. Have fun at Ekka. And, yes, it’s good to see that river all smoothed out and calm.

  2. Enjoy – and dodge the Ekka Flu!!!

  3. Just checking in here from my friend Willy’s house … unfortunately I didn’t read your msg Jeanie and went and got sick before we even got here! AND first appt cancelled cause they are sick… not a great beginning to our trip!

  4. Looking forward to a full report on the Ekka

  5. Oh no – just read your response there – eek – I hope its a 24 hour thing?

  6. Theresa in Alberta Reply August 12, 2011 at 11:53 am

    And if you cannot be “careful” name it after us ;-)

  7. ooh. sick. Usually I get sick after a few rides…

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