Ekka flashes

So the Ekka is on at the moment…

Ten days of fun, fun, fun – where the Country Meets the City (right in the middle of Brisbane).

We went.

I (of course) decided to pack twenty OTHER things into our four-day visit there too.  Apparently I hate being idle.  (This is so not true – I dream of it. But I forget that I need to stop planning stuff in order for that to actually occur.)  I had made appointments, agreed to do some journo/photo work, attend meetings… which would have been FINE. (Except for the whole no relaxation thing).

And except…

Just as we were leaving … I started feeling a bit weird.

Then, as we hit the road…. I got sick.

Tummy bug, not fit for public viewing, not even fit for private viewing, kinda sick.


So there we were.  In the middle of Brisbane, set for a gazillion things, with me needing to be horizontal. Between bathroom visits.

Luckily my mother is a pharmacist.  So I got dosed up with wonder drugs to halt proceedings at the various problem areas (enough info there for you?) and got ready to ‘box myself through’. (A favourite saying of a neighbour of ours.) And then the person with whom the first appointment was with rang.  With a heavy cold. And cancelled.

I have to say, while I appreciate her not sharing her ‘flu’ germs with us, I was a little dumbfounded.  And pleased we hadn’t driven 600km (one way) for just one appointment.  Sheesh.

So we hit the Ekka anyway.


I admit I arrived a little later than my family who were keen to immerse themselves in fake tattoos and showbag reconnaissance missions.

Slightly woozy from whatever drug it was that made me vaguely fit for public outings, I headed for the beef cattle judging arena.  Armed with a notebook, a list of questions for winners and the Nikon… I wandered around, said hello to a lot of familiar-looking people, forgot to write much down but what I did write down looks frighteningly like chook scratching, and I took lots of photos.  (Hey I was on autopilot and this is what I do on autopilot.  You cannot be surprised.).

ekka_0899 e

Luckily I know most of the people I was taking photos of. It made caption-writing a lot easier once the drugs had worn off.


Oh look – some people I know! Oh wait… they are related to me.

brangus_0910 e

This is a wider view of the judging area – it’s quite pretty. When you are not looking at it through hazy, ‘woggy’ eyes.

I am not putting most of the ‘proper’ cow pics in here because they are intended for publication in this week’s Queensland Country Life.  I am hoping I interpreted my chook scratchings sufficiently for the editors to publish some reasonably coherent copy.  Time will tell.

I am, however, sharing this photo of the beautiful Tammie and one of her darling black bulls.

brangus_0923 e

Don’t you love Tammie’s hat?

Then I tried to be a good Mama, and traipsed after the kiddies to the Animal Farm area.  With a myriad of cute LITTLE things …


It’s a hard life for these little cattle dogs! Pooped…

I was tempted to clamber into their enclosure and curl up beside them but managed to restrain myself.

A couple of long (appointment and meeting-filled) days and sleepless nights later we wound up here.


Sideshow Alley.

And while I was well enough to attempt the Ferris Wheel (apparently re-christened the Skymaster now?) … I watched the adjacent rides in horror and with a churning stomach.


No photo can do justice to what these people had paid to endure – being flung at the end of a 40 metre ‘arm’ around in spinning circles.


I did take some shots of my more adventurous family on a slightly tamer rollercoaster.


Ready guys?





(That was just me.)

And then the crowds started to build even more…ekka_1012

…you know how I do NOT do well in enclosed areas or crowds at the best of times, so we made the showbag dash,

piled into the Prado,

air-kissed our long-suffering hosts farewell,

and headed for home…


If you are in Queensland, check out the Country Life (online version here) this week – I think there is a lift-out with full coverage of the cattle and other competition results. Amongst which will be one or two shots by moi.  (Mostly Brangus cattle-related).

12 Responses to “Ekka flashes”

  1. You really do pick a time to be “woggy.” Good thing you know somebody with good drugs.

    What a super show and carnival Ekka must be! Glad that Nikon runs so well on autopilot. Hope you’re back on two steady legs by now. Love the pics of the family on the coaster. Funny how the dad hardly moves and the kids and their hair are all over the place.

  2. A Mum who’s a pharmacist? Oh, you win!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon BB. But you know you’re only going to get better if you slow down, right?

  3. LOVE IT! Sorry you were sick, but you still manage to have a good time. LOVE Tammie’s hat. I’m going to start collecting fabulous hats, I decided. They just look so good, and her bull was beautiful too!
    Yes, no blogging for me, but I’ll be checking in. I’m going to be busy for a bit, but I’ll be back with a chronicle of my adventures.

  4. Great photos (as usual)

  5. I’m glad you survived the trip, despite the difficult circumstances. Glad, too, that it appears your bug wasn’t “catching”.

    LOVE some of these pix….especially Tammie, her hat, and her bull! Also love the pups below it and the wide angle above it.

    So….when do you get to relax for a bit now?

  6. Okay that last pic scared the stuffing out of me! I am terrified of clowns…and that sucker right there is just downright evil. I don’t feel good…

    On a less horrifying note…i LOVE the pic looking past the bulls at your hubby and Dash. I really want to know what Dash is saying that put that look on Mr. I’s face :-)

    I am amazed every time you post about bull shows at how docile they are! All of the bulls around here are ornery buggers who want to smoosh you. And your bulls are beautiful! I mean what an animal. Stunning.

    And i’m very sorry that you were sick/woozy during this fun time…but you still took awesome pics!

    And I won’t be back here until the clown pic has moved WAY down the page ;-)

  7. I love the picture of the kids and Mr I on the roller coaster. Wise move that you took a miss on that ride.

    And the clown? Ack. No way.

    You do alright, even woggy.

  8. PS I recognized the pink cowboy (girl?) boots.

  9. you put on a great show BB,
    Are you going to share the “Great” Southern Bus Tour with your viewers?

  10. This was the first year I went to the Ekka with my two children and despite my dislike of large crowds we had a fantastic time. Crazy me even went on People Day and managed to stay clear of Side Show Alley. Love you photos!

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