Standing outside the Fire

I wish I could share ‘smell’ through the internet.

I really do – it might alleviate a little of the smoky aroma permeating absolutely EVERYTHING here.  It’s burning off season here and after our rain over the weekend, it seems like almost everyone in the neighbourhood has grabbed their matchboxes and had a little party.

I’ve WAY too many photos to put clever descriptions with each shot – so am sharing a slideshow of shots taken from schoolbus time this afternoon until the sun went down.  Sharing just a little of the mesmerising dance of flames, and the amazing colours offered by a sun struggling to peep through the cloak of smoke and soot.

The shots of Axel are funny – he was not sure at all what to do.  Or where to go. So he stuck mostly to my hip, figuring it was safe near me.

I have to admit, the sun shots blew me away… the ones that worked best were actually taken through our kitchen window (tinted) which cut down on the glare and really made the colours ‘pop’.  No Photoshop magic here at all…


Before anyone mentions it, the kids were perfectly safe, sitting on some granite rocks with an already-burned area between them and the flames.



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  1. These are ethereal, BB. Just so beautiful that I’m at a loss for words. The sunsets, especially. xo
    Kate´s last blog post ..In the path of the storm

  2. These are stunning! One of those sun pics near the end would be great calendar material. All are beautiful, though.

    I can understand Axel’s unease. Fire makes me a wee bit nervous, too. I certainly have a healthy respect for it.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Shadow Shot Sunday #43

  3. Theresa in Alberta Reply August 30, 2011 at 9:32 am

    lovely photo’s but poor axel does not look like a happy puppy with all of the fire and smoke.

  4. Love the shot of Mr I and the kids.

  5. Yep, some definite calendar material in there, BB.

    What did I see in the flames? Hmm, well there was Mr I on the bike but in one shot the flames looked like a monster with its arms in the air…
    Scotty´s last blog post ..Saturday/Sunday Sepia

  6. Why is it that something so destructive can be so beautiful. All of the pictures are great but the second to last is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

  7. Wow! I think I can smell smoke. Oh, yeah it’s the huge wild fire on the range not far from here. Your photos are scary and yet captivating. I understand what is happening. We burned stubble fields on the farm as a kid. Still the danger is always there.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..THE DAHLIES 110830

  8. Is that Mr I or Bruiser having fun on the 4-wheeler? A fun (if not smelly) time of year.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..My me day (in list form)

  9. Wow. Just….wow!

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