If there is one thing you need to know…

Visitors to American roads should know just one things before they begin their adventure:

BUY/RENT/BORROW one of these…

Not the boots, silly. (Although they are kinda fun and scream I HAVE BEEN TO AMERICA)

The GPS/SAT NAV/TOM TOM/whatever you call the electronic directional device for vehicles in your part of the world.

Essential. Item.

Cause the blessed roads over there are TANGLED SPAGHETTI.

And it’s nice to blame getting lost on something OTHER than your partner.


Best thing ever for a US road trip.

You are quite welcome,



PS Yes, yes, American trip Fairy Blog Tale instalment on its way.   

6 Responses to “If there is one thing you need to know…”

  1. My first introduction to those huge concrete structures was in Texas and my local friends called them ‘mixers’ like the kind you use to make a cake :)
    Rochelle´s last blog post ..Choc slice

  2. when we went travelling to edmonton, alberta (that’s in canada) for boy’s birthday rammstein concert, we too the gps with us. in fact, it was bought expressly because that trip was coming up. spring, summer and fall are considered road repair seasons. there’s a joke about how we have only two seasons, winter and road repair.

    we have only 1/2 of the year or so where asphalt and such can be laid down because the ground becomes too cold, too wet and soft, etc. this means that many northern cities take full advantage of that and repair a lot of roads. this leads to a lot of detours. were it not for the gps (in our case garmin) who knows where we would have ended up? jasper? banff? tuktoyuktuk?

    it was a lifesaver. and it got us to our now favourite burger joint fat burger delicious!
    naomi´s last blog post ..It’s About Time

  3. Yep, the GPS was a godsend last time I was in the states and that’s the first thing we plan to buy there this time! can anyone tell me where the nearest walmart is from Dallas/Ft Worth airport?? ;-)

  4. My younger daughter is extremely “directionally challenged” so she got herself one of these earlier this year. Best purchase she ever made!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..A (stolen) Music Meme

  5. My GPS got me through Dallas, Texas, on the interstate, in the dark. Not enough money in the world to make me do that again!!!!!!

  6. I had to include one more tidbit. Three years ago my nephew who lives about one hour outside of Houston, was telling my daughter how to get to a certain location in that fine city. He started explaining about the interstate we would be on when he described a certain overpass over 5 lanes of traffic. His final remark was that is was so tall so we should “say hello” to God. He was right.

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