The Old Fella

Our boys haz bin bizzy here the last couple of days.

Today brought with it another over-35 degree (C) day with blustery winds – the kind of conditions fires love so much. (What is WITH this weather – it ain’t even SUMMER yet?)

Mr Incredible and Lachy spent about 13 hours working around the edges of the fire currently burning in our place – I was so relieved to get them home.  I don’t enjoy the waiting and the wondering.

Dad stayed here last night (after arriving back at the house after 10pm from making sure the fire breaks weren’t breached yesterday) and Mum had to put off some dinner guests.  Luckily they are bushies too, and understand the perils of making dates with those who make their living off the land.  People come second fiddle to Mother Nature (and her arsenal of weaponry, such as fire, drought and flood) on a regular basis.

But today we told the Old Fella (as he often refers to himself) to take an early mark and Go Home.  After all, he is 72 years of age, and really needs to go a bit steadier. Most 72-year-olds know how to relax. Because they are SEVENTY-TWO.

Can someone please inform my father of this fact for me?

The man is perpetual motion. Or an avalanche. Depending on where you are standing.

A Force of Nature one way, or the other.

bruiser_5661 e

He had just walked in to report on the day, en route to his home, when I took this photo this afternoon.  He doesn’t like having his photo taken much. It requires him to stand still.  Have I mentioned he doesn’t like being still?  Can you see that in this photo? Heh.

Of course he enjoyed the big drink of Coke I poured for him.*

bruiser_5658 e

‘Juiced’ him up nicely for the trip home, to clean up and ready himself for guests.

Man I love taking pics of those hands… (well what’s left of that hand anyway!)

I tried getting him to smile – much easier after a shot of sugar…

bruiser_5666 e

Unfortunately he was also in serious motion again – sugared-up and roaring towards the back door to ‘get going’.

Blurry. *sigh*

But proof he does smile.

Just as long as he is moving…



* This post is not sponsored by Coke. I actually don’t drink Coke. So I have therefore blown any chance it will EVER be sponsored by Coke. #amsonotasaleswoman

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  1. Glorious post of a man that is fully living at 72 instead of waiting to die. Loved it!
    CeeCee´s last blog post ..Beep, Beep!

  2. love this post, my Dad was a hard working man also, he worked his farm day and night sometimes, winter and summer. He was the best Dad a girl could have and loved me unconditionally. I was his little girl until the day he passed away at 84. we lived in Ohio so the winters were cold but the animals always came first to be feed, iced chopped from the water, warm bedding put in the barns and just give each a kind word that warmer weather would come soon. thanks for helping me have a nice warm memory of my Dad.

  3. I love this post and these photos!!!! Your dad is a real honey!!!! (& your mum too!!!) Such wonderful, friendly country people – you & Mr I too – the world needs more of us all!!!! xo
    PS: only 3 nights left for me in USA til I return home!! xo

  4. I love that you love faces like that, and those hands. I absolutely adore hands like that. They speak volumes.
    I’m after an old friend who has a great face. I’m going to capture it soon, dang it all. I love that you’ve done it here. Beautiful pics!
    Mikey´s last blog post ..raining and riding

  5. It’s probably the fact that he’s always “on the go” that KEEPS him going!

    Love this series of shots.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..We have water!

  6. Really gorgeous photos of your Dad :)
    Tara´s last blog post ..Where Were You When?

  7. Margie from New York Reply November 17, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Nice pictures, my dad is 70 and knows everything on ALL subjects. Drives my man Johnny Reb crazy!!he he, but what can I say he’s my Dad.

  8. Know what, BB? I hope that your father keeps on a-moving for many years to come.
    debby´s last blog post ..Reporting Live!!!!

  9. So much character and so much life and living in those photos.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..GOOD NEWS-BAD NEWS–WHAT HAPPENED

  10. Love that smile BB.

    Looks like he’s about to say “She’ll be right love…she’ll be right”

    BB…whats the story on that little finger?

    I have a feeling you may have mentioned that before but please…tell us again?

  11. I’m amazed you managed to talk him into going home! Thinking of you and your boys with those fires, I’d be nervous for them too. I’ll send up the rain if we ever get any.
    Oopsiemumma´s last blog post ..I swear I didn’t do it…but it’s given me an idea.

  12. Dear Dad the Old Fella…..
    Hello from Canada Eh!!! (waving)
    I sure could use some of your energy to shovel snow over here. cheerio.

  13. Your Dad is a big ol’ spunk is what he is
    How good does he look for his age?
    I’ll have what he’s having – as long as it’s not Coke or hard work.

  14. he’s a farmer. i don’t know of any farmer who was happy off the farm or not doing stuff. stuff like taking apart the tractor motor and putting it back together with a few new parts (for the umpteenth time since 1970) because new tractors cost as much as a house. so yeah, i’m not terribly surprised your dad is the way he is. he is, after all, a farmer.
    naomi´s last blog post ..Another Point Post

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