Has anyone out there heard the rumour about The Quiet Country Life?

I suspect it’s one of those Chinese whispers things – you know, where someone at this end of the line says “The Traffic isn’t Very Loud Out Here’ and the person ten ‘whispers along’ says “Country Life is always Quiet“. Has to be. Either that or a massive conspiracy.

Cause this week, even though I did take the time to record romantic stuff like this…


(Bokeh can make even cobblers pegs like kinda pretty!)

… my life went off the Richter scale a little.

To be fair, it was the city visit this week that just about did me in. I went by myself to the Big Smoke of BrisVegas (Brisbane). And I felt guilty as hell about being away from my family… so I jammed as MUCH into my two days away as humanly possible. In my mind I was justifying the three breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners I didn’t spend with my nearest and dearest. (Not that I was counting).

Can you feel a list coming on?

Got caffeine?

Here is what I got up to in a 72 hour period:

  • I drove a total of 1200km (not all the first day though)
  • I did NOT get booked for speeding once (having very few points left is a great incentive apparently)
  • I took delivery of some of the 2012 BB calendars
  • I did coffee (and a WHOLE lot of gas-bagging) with the gorgeously stylish Katy Potaty (for whom I wore colour instead of my usual uniform of black)
  • I met the most gorgeous 5-day-old baby – a much-yearned for boy for my darling friend J (remember her breath-taking wedding?)
  • I photographed said gorgeous baby and his tired-but-happy parents
  • I delivered a couple of batches of calendars to friends (more caffeine and chin-wagging involved)
  • I stayed with wonderful friends who have recently moved house into one of the BEST spots in BrisVegas (hint of views below)
  • I stayed up too late talking with my wonderful, down-to-earth, hardworking, unflappable friend Judy – I miss her!
  • I passed out for a few hours….
  • I had two appointments and three meetings in four seperate locations (one with IMPOSSIBLE parking options)
  • I met up with another darling friend, Bel, who has her own crazy blog now too (make sure you go visit – she’s LOL funny)
  • I met ANOTHER friend who also had an adorable baby (there is some kind of conspiracy on my ovaries at work here, people)
  • I picked up two seperate items for people who had accidently left them in Brisbane on THEIR last visits here
  • I had a facial – during which a ‘skin technician’ lathered me with special stuff and then sanded my face (they call it microdemabrasion) and sucked the debris away… all I wanted to do was SEE what had come off. I am a freak. I resisted asking to see the removed dead skin and blackheads, but only JUST…
  • I watched The Twilight Sagas (Part One) and got my vampire fix (wait on – are these last two dot points related?)
  • I drove two hours and arrived at Night Two accomodation at 11pm – cleverly missing horrendous rush hour Coast-City traffic but getting a long, slow look at night-time roadworks. Lucky I am patient!
  • I passed out again.
  • I did some power shopping for two hours completed 90% my Christmas list. Don’t hate me. I just don’t get to shops too often!
  • I drove three hours and picked up kids from school and took them another 50km for swimming lessons.
  • I did a mini-grocery shop and refused 17 requests for ludicrious Christmas items (from the swimmers).
  • I got home at 5.30pm, admired my CLEAN kitchen (Mr Incredible is up for the Husband of the Year award) then unpacked groceries, cooked Pad Thai and green chicken curry.

Are your eyes crossed yet?

There are many items I would like to see on this list like Did All Washing and Unpacked all Clothes. But lets get realistic here. How about Worked Photos and Blogged a Couple!



Pics to make this post slightly bearable…

tom_6052 crop e b

Baby feet make everything better…

tom_6035 bw b

Proud new parents…

tom_6004 bwe

Wordless wonder…


I was having a chardonnay here… *sigh*

A moment of peace amongst cyclonic activity.


So… how is your week so far?

13 Responses to “Cyclonic”

  1. Ahh! BB! What a weekend! And very cute photos.That last photo is very familiar to me. Like just-around-the-corner familiar. The sunsets are gorgeous there.

  2. Oh baby is very gorgeous indeed!!! Glad you made it home safely in time for dinner.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..If this is Wednesday…

  3. Margie from New York Reply November 23, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    90% of your shopping, wow I bought four homemade bell ornaments shaped like snowmen,from a holiday sale. The snowmen have bells for butts. Thats all so far that makes me 1% done. Look out! I am catching up to you BB. lol Anywho the Thanksgiving holiday is this week and then black Friday. I may even go shopping Friday. Who am I kidding you have to be insane to go shopping on black Friday it’s one HUGE nightmare. Think I’ll stay home and shop online.

  4. I don’t think I ever once thought you lived a quiet country life, you don’t know how lol. Jealous of your friends new view! xo
    Oopsiemumma´s last blog post ..Trippin’ Tuesday – 4hrs sleep, a plane that wouldn’t land & monsoonal rain

  5. Dang girl, what got into YOU?! That’s a tremendous list. LOVE the pictures. Gorgeous :)
    Mikey´s last blog post ..My little projects

  6. If you’re addicted to the Twilight Saga, you also need to read P.C. Cast’s House of Night series, written with her daughter! I’m right there with you!

  7. Sleep is overrated BB. Plenty of time for that when you’re old, lovey. It’s all about jamming in AS MUCH as possible. Makin’ memories!!

  8. So, if I have a baby, you’ll be winging your way over here to take pictures…that’s the deal?

    *walks away from the computer*

    “Tim? Hey Tim? Whatcha doing right now?”
    debby´s last blog post ..Do We REALLY need television?

  9. Deb – I just love the title of your blog post underneath that comment!! LOL.

  10. I’m exhausted just reading this!! I can’t even imagine how YOU must feel!

    Hey…I wish I had you taking pictures of MY new granddaughter! (even tho I was kinda pleased with the shot I took of her with her big sis that I posted last Sunday)

    I’m glad you got so much of your Christmas done! Feels great, doesn’t it!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Pumpkin Chili

  11. Gorgeous photos of the bub, what a precious gift!

    You are mad, you know that don’t you? Although I’d try and fit as much in as you did, coz that’s what we do when we visit the big smoke!
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..The end is nigh…

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