Santa baby!

So, according to rumours whirling around my ears at present, Christmas is just around the corner.

For Dash and Violet, the countdown (complete with chocolate-rewarding Advent Calendars) is well and truly on. Apparently there are 17 days to go – so announced my son after having his pre-breakfast treat this morning! (Just what my little everyready bunny, early bird boy needs at 6am… not).

My own Christmas energy waxes and wanes a little. It takes a WHOLE lot of stamina to keep that festive spirit at optimum levels from the Chain Store Tinsel Invasion (sometime in AUGUST I believe) right through to December 25. I am seriously considering getting my own Advent Calendar Reward Chart happening. With those little bottle of Baileys hiding behind each cardboard ‘door’.

It’s not that I am completely unprepared… I am mostly there in the Festive Package Department, but I am certainly not as organised as a CERTAIN friend of mine…

Who sent me a little pre-Santa entertainment.

Oh YES she did. The chick with a bigger grin than yours truly (and that’s no mean feat) sent me a little Chrissy offering.

I have taken to rewarding each chore I do here (tax work, making beds for the first bout of holiday visitors, putting up the tinsel) with a skit from this mega-funny DVD. Of course, it’s NOT for little ears (or my more ladylike readers’ sensibilities – Mum, that means DON’T CLICK ON THE LINKS HERE) but I have had a huge grin on my face all day as attack the next chore humming the last JT tune/Christmas reward.

Apparently, Facebook is funny but Chocolate’s Better Than Sex.

And almost as good as a proper belly-laugh.

Thanks Jenny!



PS If you like your humour a little on the wild side, ask Santa for one of these. Tell him you’ve been MOSTLY nice! You can even WIN a gift pack (including this DVD) if you are lucky here.

PPS Jenny didn’t pay me to post this little plug. Well, except if you count the massive bottle of Bailey’s she brought me when she visited. Heh.

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  1. advent calendars with booze in them? yes please!
    JENNY TALIA´s last blog post ..hit pic, december 8

  2. Margie from New york Reply December 9, 2011 at 5:12 am

    With those little bottle of Baileys hiding behind each cardboard ‘door’.

    Sign me up but make mine Tequila. :)

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