Magical River Boat ride…

I should warn you upfront that this is one of those multi-tasking posts. Where I am really aiming to achieve a few things at once – and hopefully not making too great a hash of it. (It’s what I do on a regular basis IRL – all directions at once and a prayer everything will fall into place!).

Firstly, I want to share some images I took on the weekend when we went for a river ‘cruise’ on my uncle’s red ski boat. It’s an awesome old boat that I learned to ski behind about *ahem* four decades ago.

Secondly, I want to make myself stop my crazy busy life for FIVE MINUTES to absorb the beauty of the place I live. I forget this wonderful calming fact in my harried, everyday moments and this is my form of therapy. (We are a LONG way from city therapy here – DIY is where it’s at!)

Thirdly, I want to spend a moment reflecting (yes, bad water pun there) on being away from Home. I am spending parts of my weeks at the moment, away, on the road. For various appointments around the southern half of Queensland. All necessary, but I don’t enjoy being away from my loved ones. Or this place. And I have a niece (waves to Sal) at boarding school at the moment whom we visited briefly last week. Which gave me flashbacks to MY boarding school days. Where we had no mobile phones to call parents, and MUCH more uncomfortable-looking beds. But I know that she will be having the very same empty-stomach-pit feelings I had when I was 12 (and still have, in those quiet night-time moments I am away from Home and Family.) And I want to ease those moments for her. But am not sure how… perhaps you guys can help in comments?

Shall we go back to number 1?


Essential boating items (according to BB). Esky with refreshments, camera bag, red boat, river…


Another essential item, our water baby, Dash (dressed, despite warnings he MAY not get to ski, in his wetsuit!).

river_0925 e

I could drink in this view forever…

river_1062 e

What is it about water that is SO magical? It lifts the soul, no doubt about it.


Can you guess where we are close to here? (Check back here for a MASSIVE – and slightly scary – hint.)


The dam wall is less than a metre above the water level. Which is about three metres below what it was in that previous link. Mind-boggling, how much water went over this wall.

We decided to picnic on the way home – and chose this island. Remember this island? (It made headlines apparently – in France!).

river_1053 e

There is a lot of weed growing in the stiller parts of the river – not so good to swim in (mites) but kinda groovy to look at.


I explored a little (the island is only about 50 metres by 50 metres) and took this shot showing the distance those cattle swam that day. (I’m the dag in the foreground shadow, waving to you!)

river_1030 e

The boys thought that the only animal left here when they did was a single rabbit … I would suggest either that rabbit was pregnant or they were wrong…

river_1049 e

The grass has regrown however…

river_1034 e

And even the dead timber provided me with inspiration on my walk…

river_1032 e

Of course, the joy of the kids in that age-old ‘throw rocks in the water’ sport provided plenty of photo opps too.

river_1040 e

I love it when these two aren’t bickering… I might even frame this photo!

river_1042 e

And seeing it was Sunday and after 3pm, we decided a small celebratory chardy was in order.


And you will be all pleased to know that Dash’s positive thinking (and a small amount of nagging) saw him up on two skis and grinning like a split watermelon.

river_1075 e

A smile which didn’t even let up when he came a cropper…

And Violet began to find her skiing feet (and dimples) too.

So there you go…

  • river photos shared (tick off the first item on my list)
  • I feel SO much better for looking over these shots (second item complete) – hope you feel better for them too!
  • Can anyone help me with number three on my list?  Are any of you ex-boarding school students? I found keeping busy is key to alleviating homesickness.  Reading lots (but don’t be like me and get addicted to Mills and Boon!)  Getting into activities (I was a swimmer and a basketballer).  What else? I think my niece might check in here, so I’d love it if you leave a little tidbit of advice here for her…

Man I make you guys work hard when you visit, don’t I?



12 Responses to “Magical River Boat ride…”

  1. Letters from home for your gal Sal. Short newsy notes. Of course, Cara’s notes were usually e-mails. I’m probably a rotten parent that way…

    I love the picture of Dash and Violet. Remember that Dylan and Cara bickered something awful for most of their growing up years. Now they are good friends. Began to change when Dylan was in 12th grade.

    You know, it will never cease to amaze me. I saw the view from far away, and I thought, “I’ll bet that’s the dam from the flood pictures…” and when you said ‘Island’, I immediately wondered if that’s where the cows were rounded up from after the flooding.

    I do have a question though. I thought the island from last year was simply a piece of land that had been cut off by the high water. It’s still an island? How did the cows get there to begin with? Were they swept away in the high water, and managed to bring themselves ashore on that little island? And while we’re talking about last years floods, did you lose a lot of cattle?
    debby´s last blog post ..Before

    • Debby – I guess that’s where the blog helps. A little bit of news from home!

      The island was created after the almost empty dam/river was flooded. Because the dam wall is holding the water in place now (it went from 40% to 100% in a week) the island remains cut off from the rest of our ‘mainland’ paddocks. It will only be rejoined to the main paddocks when the dam level falls below about 50%. Hopefully not for a few years at least.

  2. I always wrote letters home to keep busy. I sang a lot too. My addiction was Sweet Valley High books!!

    Love the photos… As always.
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..“I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you…”

  3. Thanks for the SUNSHINE the sparkly water and the smiles.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..SOMEBODY OUT THERE LIKES ME

  4. Love the photos – all the magnificent images and your 2 beautiful kids. I, too, have a longing for water. I grew up in Florida, 3 miles from the ocean beach, and always found that a soothing place to be. Last year’s flooding of the Missouri River near me was more than we could handle – like your flooding. I drove as close as I could just to watch its majestic flow.

  5. I see some calendar-worthy photos here! Very nice!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Favorite Five – Nuts

  6. HEY!
    I am settling in so well!!! I think it is great to have lots of photos. I do!! Great photos!!! Dash and Voilet are very good at skiing!!! Have fun in Monto!!! Wish I was there!!!

    • Hey there SS! Obviously your broadband is better than some – glad school is going well hon. We shall have you for a ski for sure (have to check with Uncle T when we can go again!).


  7. BB, looks to me that you’re doing just the right thing by Sal. Providing her with an insight into home life. With my oldest away for the first time this year, she asks me every other day … “have you put anything new on the blog Mum?” And I always reply, “No babe, I’m too busy texting you!”
    I’m hopeful the roughest days are behind us. Takes a while to find a routine, a new ‘normal’. All the best Sal (and to your Mum and Dad who will undoubtedly being doing it hard too).
    Fiona´s last blog post ..A Kodak Moment

  8. any “crocs” in that water?

  9. Thanks so much! I would love to go skiing with you some time!!!!

  10. A picnic on that island sounds wonderful, BB; is my invite in the mail? :-)

    And that shot of Dash and Violet at the water’s edge is definitely frame material – awesome photo!
    Scotty´s last blog post ..The Bush Chapel

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