Ready to REALLY ride?

So I THINK I have done it. Wrassled the file from the GoPro into something my poor limping internet connection could actually upload that might have the vestiges of some of the incredible HD quality it started off with. But you will have to tell me how it looks your end  …

To backtrack quickly for those new to this discussion/blog, my very favourite horse sport is campdrafting. It’s uniquely Australian and I reckon the combination of skill, speed, adrenalin and three sets of minds (human, horse, bovine) make it pretty exciting. And when I realised that with my new toy (a GoPro Hero2 camera) I could get footage of what it FEELS like to actually compete, I HAD to try to share.

Here is a ‘map’ of what the rider is trying to achieve – separating a steer/heifer from a small mob in a yard/camp, proving they can hold it away from the mob (this is called the ‘cut-out’), then taking it out into the arena around a course. Points are allotted for cut-out (total possible is 26), horse-work (how effectively and skillfully the horse-rider combo work – total possible is 70) and the course (total possible is 4).

Yesterday I shared some of the stills from the action at last weekend’s campdraft,  like this…

eiddraft_2871 e

and this…

eiddraft_2872 e

…of Tony (my victim volunteer rider) competing with the camera in place.

Now for the view from atop the stallion.

(Tip: If your internet connection is like mine, I recommend pausing near start of clip and waiting for the full clip to download before playing.)

As you watch remember that the only thing holding the rider on is balance, thigh muscles and anticipation.

Are you ready to ride?

How did you go? 

Was that fun?



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  1. Oooh, I feel a bit motion sick! But it’s awesome to experience it from the rider’s point of view. Loved it!
    And my allergy (to horses) didn’t flare up once!
    JENNY TALIA´s last blog post ..happy chocolate day

  2. Very cool!!!!
    Donna Gunn´s last blog post ..Jean Cards

  3. Woo Hoo! Downloaded pretty well my end and I’m glad no-one was home to hear my sound effects as I watched (or for that matter to see me ‘riding’ my chair)

    I would have come off at least a couple of times, so I’m glad it was all vicarious.

    I love riders that pat their horses for a good run – because, let’s face it – that horse could nearly have done it without the rider! Concentration in those ears.

  4. Your vict..errrr..rider tony’s heartbeat at the start was just as expected as mine was bumpity bump as well….you have to get a helmet cam.

    Great horse and so black!!!

    Another great post BB

    little bb
    bushboy´s last blog post ..Why I am here

  5. Wow! Campdrafting looks tuff!

    My daughter had done sorting in our Hight school Equestrian team contests and had a blast! But nothing that fast!!

    My dream has always been to ride a Cutting horse!!

    Oh and the video loaded and played great with the DSL that I have.

  6. With the camera in the middle of his chest, you missed seeing the post’s and gate. Otherwise, it was kinda like a helmet cam on a jockey. Thrilling to be part of the chase!

  7. Wow. That’s pretty cool, BB! I almost feel out of breath. Nice camera work!
    Kate´s last blog post time of daffodils

  8. Actually, if you look carefully, you DO see the posts and gate (they are witches hats) to the side. I will try helmut-mount next time (should be more steady) but suspect you will see less horse. Stay tuned!

  9. Very well done – only one question – the score?
    jeanie´s last blog post ..The tale of Miss Jeanie and the "Bad Fish"

  10. That was so completely awesome! Loaded and played just fine! Was my first time on a horse in over 20 years!!!!

  11. That was extremely cool. We’ve decided we’ll go to Wade’s brothers house and it. Very fun stuff! See, if this catches on in the US, we’ll just say we learned it from BB!
    Mikey´s last blog post ..THE WEDDING!!!

  12. Awesome idea!! And of course the best drafter in Australia to model it!!

  13. Wow. That was pretty crazy! And a totally different view for sure!

  14. BB, this was excellent. Really. I loved it. For the first time I really got a glimpse of the fast thinking involved, which requires an exceptional relationship between the horse and rider. Both must be ready to change course in the blink of an eye. I reckon that not all horses are ‘campdraft material’? Would that be fair to say?
    debby´s last blog post ..Laugh of the Day

  15. That was amazing!! (and it was an easy length for the limited viewing on my internet)

    I think you have a whole other career ahead of you now, BB!! Do I see an Academy Award in the category of Documentary in your future? :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Shadow Shot Sunday #75

  16. That was great imagine the fun we could have here mustering sometomes with one. How long will it film for. Thanks for sharing BB happy easter.

  17. No problems with the download here in Oklahoma! What a fantastic idea, BB. Watching the ears of that beautiful stallion led us right into the action. The horse and rider worked as a single unit from the GoPro view and I think if Tony had zigged when his incredible stallion had zagged I’m sure that would have shown up also. This would be a great training tool for up and coming campdrafters to use in improving their skills. Mr. Incredible should take a chance with using it.

    Great post! So fun for me.

  18. Wow, how cool is that?? Thanks for sharing that little gem. It downloaded really well and hopefully you’ll be able to post more of those magic (at least to me) outback moments.

  19. Wow! I think my stomachs tumbled. I love to try a horse ride, but never thought the campdrafting. Thanks for sharing this blog.
    Carmen´s last blog post ..Tips To Become Pregnant

  20. That was incredible, and Tony (and the stallion of course) made it look so easy. Thank you so much for sharing

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