Short, sweet and shivery

This is a VERY quick post – I have one daughter home with a tummy virus, one son about to arrive home from school and a lot of baking to get underway.

These shots were taken on the weekend, at a little campdraft event nearby. The poor organisers had the event postponed twice by wet weather already, and it looked like rain YET again. Despite almost 20mm (and lots of red mud) at our place, the show went on…

All pics are a bit random – I wasn’t really in action-photo mode for some reason.


Two adorable nieces taking one giant steed for a ride. LOL.

draft_5582 e

Spectators rugged up and taking in the action. Note the sunny vantage point – there was a very sneaky cold breeze.

draft_5566 e

Mr I and Trooper in the camp yard – the chestnut gelding did NOT cover himself in glory. He had broken into the feed area the night before – naughty boy!

draft_5576 e

Jill taking a rest before her run – I have just updated the Rogues Gallery page of this blog and realised I don’t have enough Jill pics. And seeing as how she is pretty much everyone’s favourite horse (well, adult riders-wise anyway) I am making sure she gets some lens time!

draft_5612 e

Jill in action – she brought home a 4th ribbon from the weekend so is in the good books (again).

draft_5625 e

My favourite pic from this series. Freaky angle, but cool colours and result, no? Jill was breathing heavy from her run so her nostrils were all big and defined. Am sure people nearby were wondering what the heck I was doing crouching through the railings and peering upwards…

The next shots were taken a couple of hours later – apologies if you follow me on FB and have already seen them.

sunset_5669 e

Cold weather often makes for great sunsets… this as I arrived home to feed up the animals. Autumn leaves versus sky show.

sunset_5681 e

And the view over the river from our deck.

Yep, my ‘quieter’ pics definitely beat out my action images this weekend.

Sometimes still-scapes are better than action anyway…

Doncha think?



7 Responses to “Short, sweet and shivery”

  1. Love your ‘freaky’ angle! Hope no one else comes down with the tummy bug and she’s up and about really soon.
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..When working the stock, we work together which is a privilege

  2. JIll’s nostils my favourite shot too…..
    bushboy´s last blog post ..Why I am boycotting Coles and Woolies…

  3. nostils???…should have put my glasses on lol
    bushboy´s last blog post ..Why I am boycotting Coles and Woolies…

  4. My fav’s are the bench sitters and Jill’s nostrils. Gorgeous photo’s BB.
    Oopsiemumma´s last blog post ..8 things that I wish were NEVER invented

  5. I LOOOVE those nostrils!
    Mummaducka´s last blog post ..Farm things

  6. The skies are beautiful this time of year aren’t they … though I’ve just been chased inside by some heavy drizzle. Rather typical, as we’ve a yard full of weaners!

  7. Jill is also a favourite amongst the not-quite-adult in this house.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Reports from 5.46am

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