Weather Wednesday returns!

Can you believe it? It’s been MONTHS since I did a World Weather Wednesday here .. I am sooooo slack crazy unpredictable.

So here’s how it goes for you newcomers: I share a bit of the weather in my part of the world (generally in image form) and you share YOUR forecasts with me in comments.  It never fails to tickle me how incredibly varied our climactic conditions are at exactly the same time – I always have been easily amused!

Okay – sharing some shots from the past two days to let you know…

First up yesterday as we took off on a quick road trip.


IT’S WINTER here!!!


Yes, that says minus 1 degree (Celsius), recorded at around 7am in our trusty four-wheel-drive…


Of course cold weather is awesome for clear light. (Not clean windscreens though apparently)


Our river as we approached at approximately warp speed 60km/hr.


My husband likes to test my action photography.


I tried to explain that action photography is usually when the SUBJECT is moving (rather than the camera).


He didn’t slow down.

morning_6579 e

The relative warmth of the water creating a surreal mist amid the chilly winter air.


Totally cool (yes, pun intended).

This morning, we stayed at home til 9am – which gave me time to get the sun hitting the frost in our houseyard.

First thing I saw? Axel’s dog coat which he had clearly lost sometime during the night. Bet he wishes he had just stayed on his bed!

One of our rose bushes…

Iced rose petals.

Thermometre said 2 C in kitchen and minus 2 C outside… brrrrr!  (Keep in mind this is ‘Central Queensland’!)

forecast for tomorrow at Granite Glen:

Min: 3 – Max: 21 Celsius (ooh, warmer!)

Now it’s your turn?

What’s your outlook – sunny, snowy, wet, steamy, blistering or balmy?

13 Responses to “Weather Wednesday returns!”

  1. Today started a chilly -3 frost in the gullies then a clear blue sky day around 23 C in the foothills of the Gibralter Ranges

  2. Temps in the 90s again today. Hot, humid. Ack. Luckily our house seems to be naturally air conditioned, at least on the first floor. We throw the doors wide open in the cool of the night and early morning, and then close it up when it starts getting hot. The temperature stays comfortable all day!

    Enjoy your winter. I am enjoying summer. Well. Mostly.
    Debby´s last blog post ..William Visits.

  3. Temperatures in the 90s here in Georgia. Slight breeze, sunny skies, no rain in the forecast. Fairly sweltering, but it could have been much worse had it been this hot two weeks ago when 935 of us were riding our bicycles 400 miles across the state.
    Bragger´s last blog post ..My Skydiving Days (Part 2)…..

  4. It’s very cool compared to recent days that were in the high 80s and 90s (F) – only 72F right now. rain and thunderstorms expected this afternoon into evening.

  5. Brrrr! Axel’s like a kid–shedding a coat just to show off how cool he is and then ending up cold. Frost on roses looks pretty, but I’ll bet the roses don’t think so. Love the misty pics. First day of summer here but the temps are stuck at ten degrees below average. Still, I’m refusing to wear socks.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..A DONKEY AND DUCKS

  6. Lovely (??) thick “pea soup” fog this morning in Brisbane. I am sure that this winter is going to be a lot colder than usual. You may keep your minus celsuis mornings – ha ha! Seems strange that you being further north are having colder mornings than Brisbane! I am absolutely dreading August if this cold stuff sticks around. Hurry up October.

  7. Mid 90s F and dry in the valley of the great Ohio River.

  8. Righto, well I know it’s now Thursday but I thought I’d at least REPORT on yesterday’s weather now my fingers have ‘unfrozed’. Wednesday in Gippsland, Victoria involved a killer frost. The temp at 9am according to the meteorological boffins was ‘an apparent temp’ of -4.3. The ‘real temp’ -2.1. And it didn’t warm up all day even though the sun put in a valiant effort. This was all AFTER the earthquake the night before … :)
    Margareta Osborn´s last blog post ..On the Road Again – Margareta at the Glen Waverley Library – Thursday 21st June at 8.00pm

  9. Elodie and Damien Reply June 21, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    OMG !

    Are you wearing some gloves for the breakfast ? :)

    We do not worry, with the warmth of your family you will beat the cold !

    Back on the cost, no problem of temperature or fuel.

    Merci again for your kind hospitality and to have shared with us your beautiful bush.

    Au revoir !

    Elodie and Damien

  10. Northern New Jersey USA checking in…
    High: 95F/35C & Humid
    Low: 69F/21C & Humid
    Summer’s here!

  11. Delightfully chill down this neck of the woods, about on par with your temp, plus the icicles!
    Bucketing rain throughout today, from Melb up and over the Great Dividing Range and into Dunolly, then back home to Melb with persistant rain.
    Jayne´s last blog post ..Oz History June 21 & Kitty

  12. Theresa in Alberta Reply June 21, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    It is 21c here in CanadaEH and it is summer! well, between rain showers it is.

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