Black and white babies…

There have been plenty of human babies featured here lately… time for some bovine bubs, don’t you think? Taking these photos was especially sweet for me this year, so soon after losing our battle with Sweet Thing. The Circle of Life. *sigh*

Enough melancholy…are you ready for some brand new cuteness?

Our babies tend to arrive with Spring (which is just around the corner)… the weather is less bleak and our Brangus babies arrive teeny and then grow like Billy-O!

This pair are spanking new (the one on the left is just hours old with a still-wet cord).

babies_9422 bw e

These babies get licked and washed and washed and licked – mostly (but not necessarily) by their own Mama’s.

babies_9446 bw e

Mamas also keep a VERY close eye on any animal that shows any interest in their babies… me included!

babies_9447 bw e

This little man is trying to have a chat with me – worrying his Mama no end!

babies_9449 e

“Oh MUM… stop fussin’.  She just wants my best side!”

babies_9393 bw e

How’s this side?

babies_9380 bw e

Front on?

babies_9387 bw e

All this posing is exhausting… *yawn*

babies_9375 bw e

Poking tongues!

(Notice Mama’s feet in the background here.)

That’s it… Show’s over!

babies_9415 bwe

Mama insists!

10 Responses to “Black and white babies…”

  1. Very good BB, great photos of your little
    Brangus. The calf really played up for the camera.
    This has been the strangest weather-wise August of all times, maybe August skipped Australia this year???

  2. Love the bubs they are so cute and bring a smile to any face with their antics and posing.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Taking Away and Rotational Grazing

  3. There’s something particularly delicious [in the aesthetic sense] about brand new shiny, black calves – lovely photographs.

  4. Black and white babies! I came here thinking, “Oh my gosh! They’ve branched out into dairy!” I was looking for Holsteins. And then when I saw your babies, I thought, “They must have had and albino calf…” flipping quickly through the pictures. It wasn’t until the very end, when I thought, “Well, now, why did she…oh…wait…it’s the pictures that are black and white.”

    *big sip of morning coffee*
    Debby´s last blog post ..Looked like a fool

  5. Don’t worry Debby – I too was wondering about throwbacks all the way through until I “got” it.

    Sigh, some evenings I need a disclaimer.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..B-lime-y (otherwise known as the July post)

  6. Heh heh to Debby and Jeanie.

    Your little beauties know how to work it for the camera and when to let the paparazzi know when they’ve gone too far. Love those long floppy ears.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..GLOWSTICK PEOPLE INVASION

  7. I’m even slower than Debby and Jeanie – I was still waiting for a white calf when I started reading the comments! These little Brangus babies are absolutely adorable!!!

  8. Theresa in Alberta Reply August 18, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Must be lunch time eh ;-) Mooo

  9. I shall have to visit the neighbour for the white babies… LOL. Didn’t EVEN THINK of that connotation. Doesn’t everyone think in photography terms?

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