Mini-series 1 – bubba

I have a little series of posts I will publish here today – trying to make sure we don’t get too far behind with our bloggy record-keeping  of Life on the Land. We are going away tomorrow you see… on an epic journey which will involve my family and my friend and fellow blogger OopsieMumma and her family.  It’ll be bigger than Ben Hur.  But you’ll have to wait and see.

To keep you sweet, I am sharing first some of the sweetest images I think I have EVER taken.

They are of a couple of little bubba’s born in the last week here.

The first is a little heifer, who needed a little TLC while we cared for her Mama.


She is ADORABLE.  We picked her up when she only hours old, and with barely a thing in her stomach, and she STILL took some catching!

calf_0349 e

We brought her home and offered her a bottle and some cuddles.


She took to both with gusto.



Some are keen to live hard and strong from the start, some are not. She is DEFINITELY a survivor this one!


She had the most incredible pale eyes.

calf_0352 e crop

Look, there’s me taking photos of her, looking at me!

The other calf was also one who was born in the yards.  He is a curious sausage…

calf_0160 e

I adore this series of pics – and I managed to LOSE them all for three days.  I hate that.

calf_0164 e

Specially when I think one might even be calendar-worthy…

calf_0162 e

What do you reckon?

This last one reminds me of that famous painting by Michaelangelo ‘The Creating of Adam’...


Anyway, hope you enjoyed this lot.

Stay tuned.



4 Responses to “Mini-series 1 – bubba”

  1. Be still my heart! Getting ready for bed over here, but checked FB one last time and your new babies captured me. I would put them ALL in a calendar! They are beautiful creatures, and you are so lucky to welcome them to the world.

    Have fun on your time away!!!

  2. Hmmmmmm!
    After a few minutes of careful deliberations, I think “Michaelangelo ‘The Creating of Adam’…
    Gives it a sophistication of rural life, then all rural life is, sophisticate,fun and hard “yakka”!
    I am sure the Greek philosopher,Sophist,
    is beaming down on this new born calf and the hand – Michaelangelo may have wanted a more delicate hand – ha ha, but he was only a painter, not a cattleman.
    Mr “I’s” hand as it sure ain’t your hand or the kids – should get a calendar posting for 2013!
    Have fun on your trip to wherever.

  3. Well, that’s obviously his name, right? Adam? Such beautiful shots and oh my, those eye-lashes. Worthy of Maybelline.
    Mrs Catch´s last blog post ..Some Gunpowder Shots For You

  4. Are all the calves this year going to have names beginning w/ I? Or do you launch ahead to the next consonant? Because if these are I, I vote for Izzy and Ike.

    The little things are beautiful, and their eyes would make any momma on this earth stop what they were doing to take care of these babes.
    debby´s last blog post ..Sad but true…

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