Mini-series 2 – natural questions

These shots were taken on Father’s Day this last weekend…


They are the blossom of a bush which grows native to this area.


My horticulturally inclined aunt (and next-door-neighbour) has been unable to track down the identity of this pretty bush.

Does anyone out there know what it is?

Meanwhile THIS well-known native flower is giving me grief…


The wattle is out in bloom everywhere – pretty but my GOODNESS it makes me sneeze.  The antihistamine is at the ready, if I am to make it through the day!

Also thought I’d share these couple of snaps of a chicken hawk circling, also shot during our Sunday ride.

bird_0300 e

Not quite as amazing and intimidating as the wedgetail eagle (my fave Aussie native bird) but pretty stunning nonetheless.


These photos make me feel FREE…

I’m not of course. I’m quite expensive (or so my husband tells me!).

And lastly…

Something for the international visitors…

roo_0140 crop lovely ethereal

A couple of well-fed roos who stopped momentarily from grazing by the roadside as we drove home from checking calves this week.



3 Responses to “Mini-series 2 – natural questions”

  1. Lovely wildlife shots. i envy you your setting. That blue of the Aussie sky always thrills me. Also your husband’s not alone. My husband favours the bumper sticker for me that says “Born Free, but now I’m expensive.” Suck it up boys…
    Mrs Catch´s last blog post ..Some Gunpowder Shots For You

  2. Every ‘roo picture you’ve ever posted always shows them curiously rubbernecking right back at the rubberneckers. That just tickles me for some reason.
    debby´s last blog post ..Sad but true…

  3. Are they alert to make sure you’re not a threat, or are they just that curious to see who you are, what you’re doing, what you’re wearing today…..???

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