Snow beautiful!

I have been busy with all this holidaying (and perhaps a sideline project which may or may not come to fruition) but really wanted to share some snaps I took this morning, as my family skiied down powdery slopes nearby.

Twas snowing, you see, in the Aussie alps and I just COULDN’T NOT take photos.

Have had a couple of people enquire if any snow pics will make it into the BB Bush calendar.  I am torn… what do you think?  I guess it’s technically Aussie bush here.  And it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Your opinion matters!

See y’all when I’m back home.


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  1. Definitely a must to have a snow in June, July or August. Love the snow on the furry, mossy stuff!

  2. Definitely a couple for the calendar BB…I agree with Gabi…perfect for June/July.

  3. It would be quite a picture for us up here…our winters are generally November, December, January, February, and even usually holding on for a good part of March. Seeing a snow picture in ‘our’ summer would be a reminder of how very distant our two lands are.
    debby´s last blog post ..Choosing

  4. Yeh – one photo as Debby has written, maybe July? That is our mid winter month.
    Actually it is the Northern hemisphere verses the Southern Hemisphere and the movement of the sun between the two hemispheres. Just go to Colorado in the US winter months and see how many Aussies are there! The place is riddled with Aussies.
    Great snow shots anyhow, these days snow and I do NOT agree.

  5. I’d go with snow, too. (Or maybe two?) After all, it can be cold here for more than one month!

  6. PS. Love the “back to school” advertisement! I’m guessing BlogHer is not based in the southern hemisphere?

  7. PPS I love, love, absolutely love the last two. Just so you know. I’d vote for them. (the only way the last one could be any better is if Thowra was looking back from behind the trees)

  8. A photograph might help to dispel the general preconception that Australia is all sun, surf, red dust or tropics – go for it. I love the juxtaposition of gum trees and snow.

  9. Yes to the snow in the calendar. It looks exotic ~ beautiful.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Little things

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