Blooming blooms

It’s Spring here at the moment.  Or as I like to call it, hay fever season.


I am not sure what it is that sets me off the worst… wattle has been out for a while (and evident in paddocks throughout our entire trip from Central Queensland to southern NSW and back).


I began September okay, but then on my return from our little break away, I have been the Elephant Woman (all swollen and red and scratchy in the facial department).

Perhaps it’s the bottlebrush?  Out in abundance in the past two weeks – this tree sits at our side gate.  (Can you see how dry it looks in the background? You may have noticed this in yesterdays emu photos also?)

And if the pollen isn’t agreeing with this resident, the local native and European bees ADORE it!

bottlebrush_1525 e

The whole tree is BUZZING with both varieties of bee…

bottlebrush_1515 e

I have to admit, even if I am allergic to these blooms, I probably wouldn’t remove the trees.  That’s why God invented antihistamine, isn’t it?

bottlebrush_1511 e

I just hope it rains here soon – to lay the dust and the pollen (and brighten my green backgrounds)!

Yours in weeping scratchiness.




PS More calendar polls coming soon!  Have you voted on the snow or emu pics yet?

5 Responses to “Blooming blooms”

  1. Those bottle brush need to be in the calendar – December – perfect Christmas colours!!! I love the last shot.

  2. You poor thing with the hayfever – it really is horrible. I remember trying to sit exams in hayfever weather and what with streaming eyes, constant sneezing and a head that felt at least twice its usual size, it’s a wonder I ever completed my education. Many commiserations and I hope it settles down soon or that some good drenching rain comes. Beautiful photos as usual.

  3. Hay fever is snot fun.
    debby´s last blog post ..Looking ahead

  4. Oh poor you – at least you don’t have the wattle field in the front paddock as it was when we were growing up (small mercies)
    jeanie´s last blog post ..August-us the grate…

  5. Sending you a boatload of sympathy from CanadaEH ;-(

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