Water & fire – my yin & yang

Today was our little school’s swimming carnival (where we compete annually against a bigger local school at the town’s lovely swimming pool).

I promised myself I was going to be a ‘normal’ parent today instead of the paparazzi… so only pics from the end of the day!

Violet surprised herself and those around her by nabbing her age champion award!

swim_3596 e

She only swam three races for two firsts and a second.  Nice work, bumblebee!

Dash  swam his little heart out. Almost literally (his chest was POUNDING at the end of a couple of races, which naturally worries this Heart Mum).  He was utterly determined to swim in EVERY race, including medleys and both 50m and 100m of every stroke (maybe just the 50m in butterfly!).  I was soooooo proud of his efforts even though he could hardly lift his arms at the end of each race.  Teachers tried to talk him out of a couple of events, but we steadfastly had a go at everything.

I think a tiny part of him was disappointed to take home Reserve Champion for 10-year-old boys.


He wanted the big one.  But in my eyes he won for Australia… I think every heartkid and every Heart Parent anywhere would have cheered him loud and long. (If you are wondering what I am on about, check back here).

Anyway, after we had cheered and gotten sunburned and packed up for home, I headed here…

swim_3608 e

To one of our southern paddocks where a neighbour’s fire had crept into our side of the fence and taken off…

So Mr Incredible (who had managed to call in to cheer the kids on at the pool) had decided to backburn to save our yards.

swim_3611 e

… the result was pretty thorough and reasonably spectacular.

We drove carefully past the smoke to the river, and were rewarded with this view…


Swans galore, unruffled by the blaze nearby.

swim_3619 e

And this little weeny bird, perched on a fence post cap nearby…


This was the view from the edge of the river where the two shots above were taken.


And the aftermath, as we drove back out of the paddock…


Flickering flames…


And furling fronds…

of smouldering smoke…


We hope the backburn has worked, and our yards stay secure and uncharred. Tonight the weather appears to be on our side – while it is hot and sticky, there is no wind…

I think, to bring our day full circle, a night-time swim might be on the agenda!  You cannot say life out here is ever boring or predictable…

Over and out from the yawning crew at Granite Glen…



9 Responses to “Water & fire – my yin & yang”

  1. Go Dash – what an increbile spirt! And accolades galore to Violet!

    The Boss frightened me one night; he’d decided to burnt he swamp and hadn’t told me. I looked out of my window and saw flames leaping as tall as some of the gum trees around. I threw on my boots, yelling to the kids to stay inside and raced out the front door… Into the boss’s chest. “I’m coming to help! Where’s the fire cart?’ I spluttered.
    He just looked at me and shook his head. ‘I’m after a beer, love. It’s all good.’!!!
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  2. Handsome and achieving children, sports, critters and farm management all in one post. Nice work. You are owed the sleep of the innocent.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Pejic at The Cup

  3. Enjoy a chardy on the way – you deserve it.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Freedom is just another word for…

  4. Aaah, the good ol’ backburn – done a few of those in my time, yep, heh. Oh, and that second-to-last burning log shot must surely be a candidate for the next calendar, eh, BB?
    Scotty´s last blog post ..Bits-n-Pieces

  5. Love the photos especially the teeny weeny bird. I can nearly smell the smoke or maybe that is the smoke here … hmmm. I am glad the swans hung around for you. I don’t think I have ever seen so many swans in one place.

  6. At least that was intentional! I came home yesterday to find one side of the gateway blackened, the old timber posts burnt, the telstra box scorched. When questioned husband says ‘at least i got the last stay welded!’ New fencing is a danagerous game!

  7. Vi’s dimple draws me in every time. Dash’s determination belies his heart status doesn’t it, Amanda ?~! He blows me away with his staunch perseverance; may his spirit ever soar.
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..New Workspace

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