Like gardens for gloom

It’s Sunday morning here in the bush… a sunny, generally nice-ish kinda day.

Except for a few little things that are pulling at my mood.

Like my persistent cough that won’t let up.

Like the cow that I know we’ll have to put down today*, despite weeks of care and TLC after going down in the paddock.

Like weather reports that refuse to offer some sign of respite from the heat and dry.

So, as I always do when I am feeling a little blue, I use my camera to force a little focus on the sweet stuff.

All shots take here are from the garden of our neighbour – it’s not an overly lush garden, but the blooms that were there were really lovely.


Agapanthus. (I’m no gardener, but I know this one! So beautiful, and reminding me of my Griffith days.  For those who have never been, Griffith, NSW, has amazing gardens absolutely bursting with Agapanthus.)

I should know these, but can’t think – am sure one of you will prompt me…


Soft blue-purple kinda suits my mood.

The lady living here loves red – like these geraniums.


Back to my favourite scented flower ever… lavender!


It’s the once perfume that doesn’t seem to send me into a sneezing fit.


I love the teeny petals on the lower flowers in the head – can you see the spider making a web on this one?


A little bokeh to turn this photo a tad Monet-ish, don’t you think?


And just through the fence, a tree pear is in flower…


Tree pear (prickly pear cactus) are a pest, but their flowers are quite gorgeous.


And this arrangement made me smile.

High five anyone?

There, I feel slightly better.

Time to focus on the good stuff – my father-in-law is visiting which is lovely; I mowed our huge yard yesterday and it looks great (lots of sprinkler action!); and a little blog-related surprise is in the pipeline.  All these things make me smile.

Please share a little of your weekend events – up or down, good or bad.  I love hearing what my blog buddies are up to…



*Please don’t be too sad for our cow – we did manage to get her up a few times but despite antibiotics and loads of TLC, she is going downhill.  We cannot let her suffer anymore.  I would love to have shared a little miracle but this time, it’s just not meant to be.  However, her calf is doing well and my two little poddies are vigorous and enthusiastic members of the house paddocks now.  Death and life – the yin and the yang.

15 Responses to “Like gardens for gloom”

  1. The whole circle of life thing can kinda suck no matter how often you have to deal with it.
    Presents are being wrapped at my place this weekend with a little help from my little elf *she says through gritted teeth*
    then off to grab some hay and take some photos :)
    Wish it would rain here too – the paddock is very crunchy. Hope your mood (and cough) improves as the week goes on. x

  2. I love Lavenders too – they are my all time favourite flower. I think Jasmine is my favourite scent though… If you make sure you aren’t near it when the bees are being busy.

    Let’s hope that cough leaves you very soon and Granite Glen doesn’t get a bout of good ol’ gastro on top of everything.

    Sending smiles and hugs from the West. xx
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..Sleep talking… Um, singing

  3. I’m sorry about the cow. I know that’s never easy, regardless of the circumstances.

    We nearly lost several of our dogs today, so it was a stressful day. Let’s just say five dogs, an eight-point whitetail buck, and a pond don’t make for a good mix.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Butter and Cookies

  4. I think that pretty blue flower is called plumbago? Flowers make me happy too, especially snapping them. Would it help if I did a rain dance. I keep checking the radar…nothing…. :(
    Thea´s last blog post ..Photo A Day Challenge – December

  5. A rain dance! When you work out the steps etc. – soft shoe shuffle or whatever, please blog for me to learn! Clouds just come and go here in Brisbane, promises, promises! I think it has forgotten how to drop????
    As you made no mention of bush fires, I gather so far you have been spared???

    I can’t share your enthusiasm for Griffith, my family besides having a hotel in West Wyalong also had a wine shop,we got our big cask wine from De Bortoli’s winery. Bloody cumbersome casks and also dangerous if they rolled onto you – more than an “ouch”.
    Also through Rotary, I was a friend of Donald Mackay. One can speculate, and many have, just where he disappeared to!
    I refuse to drink De Bortoli wines!

    Now back to my frenzied rain dancing routine, but it is so bloody hot and steamy!

  6. Flower photography is a sure cure for the mopes. All those blossoms were a ray of sunshine up here in the middle of winter. Hope you get over that cough. Sorry about your cow friend. Life’s not fun sometimes.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..A CONFESSION AND SKETCHES

  7. It’s been a quiet weekend. I helped Tim at one of the apartments, putting primer on some windows. We looked at a property which he has decided he doesn’t want to buy (yay!) and then we did some Christmas shopping. I found something that one of the kids wanted, and it was on sale for 1/3 of what I expected to pay. I wrapped a boat load of presents tonight. Tomorrow, my friend is coming, and we are going to a holiday home tour to see some of the mansions in town. Supper with one of the kids tomorrow night. It’s been a wonderful weekend with my honey. <3
    debby´s last blog post ..End of the world.

  8. There is a bush saying that tree pear in flower means rain (well maybe some anyway) is on the way — sometime!! I have known it work, I hope not coincidentally. Hope it brings some very soon – all we really want for Christmas. Mx Hugs for you and the cow – been there.

  9. Plumbago is it? What a fine little spider.

  10. Plumbago definitely.

  11. Oh I love these beautiful shots they made me smile.
    I am so sorry you are not feeling well and terribly sorry about the cow I do understand that one. Best not to let it suffer any longer. It had to be done. Take care of yourself. Hug B
    Buttons´s last blog post ..Trespassing Makes for Happy!

  12. Living on a horse farm all my adult life had taught me the yin and yang of life. I’m sorry about your poor sick cow, Amanda.
    Here, we have rain today after a very foggy night and morning. Very gloomy but we haven’t had rain in awhile so it’s good. We had our faculty party last night and it was fun. Today I’m going to try to get a little cleaning done and then do some decorating. Wish me luck because decorating isn’t as fun as it used to be which makes me sad.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Happy to see me

  13. And here I was thinking that pretty blue bloom looked like our hydrangeas! Depending on the soil (I think) they can run from pink to blue to purple, and often change color.

    I am sorry about the cow you cared so lovingly for, and for your coughing, but the calf is doing well and you will get rid of your cough.

    I did nothing this weekend, but I did get excited over our first snow of the season the other day. Only flurries and didn’t last long, but it was enough for me. It’s currently 23F and dry here in my corner of Iowa.

  14. BB – it has rained in Brisbane- good solid stuff and seems it was out west of Brisbane also, bush fires. The fire crews and emergency services will be as “happy as pigs in mud”. Relief at last.
    Hopefully it will go up to your Granite Belt – saw the countryside on Fiona’s excellent blog this morning and by God you need plenty of moisture and for a good couple of days would be a real bonus.
    Certainly has made life down here bearable. Let’s know if and when it arrives – OK????

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