Red Truck

I fell in love with a truck last week.

It doesn’t go. But even standing still it’s one of the coolest things I’ve laid eyes on for a while.


A Bedford truck.  Not in our paddock, but a paddock leased by my BIL.


What is it about old red trucks?


The Aussie version of Mater? (If you haven’t seen the movie Cars, you will have no clue what I am on about!)


Patina. Perfect.

truck_4677 a


If my husband only had a clone to do all the work around here, I know he’d love one of these old beauties to do up.

Thought I’d share a couple of reworked images with a ‘vintage action’ I downloaded from here this morning (Merry Christmas to me!).

I know I need to put some more time into my post-processing and intend to do a ‘proper’ Photoshop course sometime to get the most out of my images – inspired by the breathtaking work of Kate and Georgianna.
truck_4676 vint36 e

This action is ‘Vintage 36′ in the set.
truck_4681 vint2 e

This one is Vintage 2.

truck_4681 B&W2 e

And this one is Black and White 2.

Aren’t they fabulous?  Oh my, I think I need about 4 more hours in my every day!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all.



8 Responses to “Red Truck”

  1. Good God!
    I had forgotten that they were once around. So out with Wikipedia – what would we do without it?.
    “The company went into receivership in 1992 and was bought by dealer network Marshall of Cambridge.

    There remain around 7,000 Bedford and AWD vehicles in service with the British military.”

    So I guess this poor old truck should be towed from that paddock, have a new engine installed and hey presto you have an extremely good investment. I think if it is possible – grab it. Could be heaps of those delightful $ signs, the more of these $$$$$$$$ the better, eh?
    Oh yes, before you get into it, check carefully for “Joe Blakes”.

  2. Faboulous? Oh yes indeedy!!! Love it! Great shots.
    Thea´s last blog post ..Photo A Day Challenge – December

  3. Very nice. If Tim discovers that they let perfectly good trucks like this sit in paddocks, well, he’d be looking to relocate, for sure.
    debby´s last blog post ..This was a goooooood day….

  4. PS, I forgot to say, I prefer Vintage 2. Vintage 36 has too much of a pinkish cast. And do you know what year this truck might be? From the fifties, I’d guess, which makes this truck about 60 years old, or close to it, I’d guess.
    debby´s last blog post ..This was a goooooood day….

  5. Just had a look at Debby’s blog for the first time.
    Well in response to her wonderment of the World ending – I posted this on the first day of prediction to friends, here and overseas. Of course the 21st still is to come, but I am sure we will be still all here – ha ha!
    Well it is now the 12th day of the 12th month of the year 2012 and it
    is 12.00pm and 12 minutes past + the 12 seconds!
    So much for the doomsdayers or soothsayers – Brisbane didn’t blow up. ha ha!
    I did check the news as New Zealand had this before us, and NZ is
    still in one piece.
    So ends the theory that it was doomsday.
    You will survive – what a relief!
    I might add this was dispatched poste haste on the dot of the second hand of my watch, not a second before or after.

    The Red Bedford will survive a bit longer!

  6. How many Bedford fire trucks were there? Most of them, I should think. Not to dis Commer, but Bedfords were good, and when they broke, they could be fixed on the roadside. This one does look like it is not far off running.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..What’s with the date?

  7. I imagine the day that it stopped in that location and didn’t go any more. I wonder if love at the years of service it had given was uppermost, or choice words, kicked tyres and a walk home…
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Cayenne V Sauce

  8. this is beautiful. love that rust right around the hood. looks like bubbles. I never even heard of a Bedford before. Pretty cool and thanks for sharing with me. I just love old trucks and they catch my eye every time. my favs are chevys.
    peace n abundance,

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