River roundup

Sometimes during mustering events – like branding and weaning – I get to ride. Sometimes we have SO many riders (both vountary and paid workforce) that I get to ‘man the yards’ – setting up the equipment needed – til the musterers return with their mobs of cattle.

Sometimes I get done early and take a wander to get some shots of the action.  I know.  You are shocked by this choice of activity, I can tell.


The last of the river gum blossoms against a vivid blue sky…


One of my favourite flora pics – sister Jeanie pointed out the blossom shadow on the leaf. Did you pick it up?

Then I trudged over VERY hot sand in the river bed to shoot the cows waiting for their paddock-mates at the gate.


Nothing like a reflection to soften the harshness of those dead tree branches, right?


It’s kind of like watching a wobbly TV upside down, isn’t it?

Here they come!


In order from bottom of pic: hot butt in hot sand, a couple of useless knees, shallow water in river, granite rocks and gathering cows.


The mob comes in from round the ridges…


And gathers in the reflection. (Poetic licence there!)


Time for a cooling drink/swim…
brand_6351 e

Before bringing them the rest of the way across the river *…


Some poking along nicely … **

Easing them off the fence and towards the gate…


Some taking the last chance for a little sandy gallop…


A wayward bull providing JUST the excuse for one little jillaroo…


Or maybe two…


To hit third gear to get a full count at the yards…

And then hours, and gallons of dust, and millions of flies, and branding of a hundred or so calves later…


The riders mount once more…


And a final headcount done.

Hope you enjoyed this riverside little muster.



* During the floods two years ago, this was WAY underwater.  Remnants of the river remain in holes along the bed at this point, upstream from our house.

** Dash was quite keen to go steady – remember why?

4 Responses to “River roundup”

  1. I do remember why Dash was so keen to go steady. Is one of those jillaroos in from the big city?
    debby´s last blog post ..Notes from a Trip

  2. Theresa in Alberta Reply January 17, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Is it as hot as he** in your part of OZ that I am hearing about on the world news??

  3. Those youngsters of yours are looking very competent and skilled on their horses. Love those galloping pony photos. It’s also nice to be reminded the weather is above freezing somewhere.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..GRAND TETONS

  4. Your cattle look in great nick.
    Violet looks like she was born in the saddle – ha ha!
    Looks like rain is desperately needed in your area. Maybe this monsoon off the northern coastline will bring heaps. I sure hope so. Seeing all the RED ALERTS on the news, is just too depressing.
    Still no rain in Brisbane, and it is needed here also. This weekend supposedly the southern heat arrives – yuck!
    Ah com-on rain, where are you????

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