Keith and me… and you?

So it seems that I’m here to stay for a while… here in blogland.  I never thought I would be, you know.

Especially not with such a very silly blog name.  And so little real spare time to give to it. (I found a way though – the housework got ditched!)

Anyhoo… it’s been five years since I kick-started this place in space – and seeing as how your support has been so amazing and encouraging here, and on my Facebook page (with 400 in the posse) and my Twitter home too (with almost 1000 followers and many of you in all three places) that I would dream up a worthy reward.

It just so happens that I am seeing that incredibly talented (and very cute) Queensland boy, Keith Urban in concert next week.

keith_5604 e

Next Friday in fact… and while my husband loves me lots, he’s keen to take our kids to the movies that night.  Which leaves me with a free ticket.

And I thought… hmmmm.  Wonder who might like to come?

And then it occurred to me… how bout one of my blog buddies??

So here’s the deal:

I will leave comments open here for the next three days.  If you leave a comment (here or on this Facebook post) with a link to either a photo of mine (either from Flickr or from this blog) or a link to your favourite post on the blog, you will be officially entered in the giveaway.

Of course, you need to be able to get yourself to Brisbane’s Boondall Entertainment Centre on Friday.

I will draw the winner on Tuesday to give the chosen commenter time to get organised.

Be warned though… I sing loudly and badly.  Just so you know up-front. (Actually, sitting beside me through a concert may be more punishment than reward, but you cannot say I didn’t warn you!)

Entries open here and at the FB page til Tuesday.


11 Responses to “Keith and me… and you?”

  1. Maybe if I lived closer! And hey – happy blogging anniversary. My five year mark passed without fanfare. Too much going on in the family.
    Kate´s last blog post ..A day without sunshine

  2. Oh Keith! He’s a dream…. I’m drooling as I type :) I’d love to her you sing loud and proud BB x

  3. Five years, well done you. I am always puzzled how you fit everything into your life. I have never heard Urban sing, but to use an old fashioned expression instead of what I would say to a friend, he is very easy on the eyes.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Founded on Christian values

  4. ooooo what a great give away, pity I’m already going … actually not a pity. Can’t wait hope we both enjoy that Friday night preformance

  5. Margie from New York Reply January 20, 2013 at 1:23 am

    Happy 5 Years! I love your blog bushbabe. I especially love when you give updates on all your animals.
    I Don’t think I could make it to the concert if I win, me being her in NY! So give to some other follower. :)

  6. If it were possible, I’d be begging for the opportunity. Unfortunately, me and Margie? Same boat.
    debby´s last blog post ..Useful things that I have learned this past week.

  7. And what is the movie that Mr. I is so bound and determined to take the kids to see. I’ve got a guess. I want to see if I’m right.
    debby´s last blog post ..Useful things that I have learned this past week.

  8. Aaaaannnddd… the WINNER is….
    Belinda (OopsieMumma) who left her entry on Facebook and voted for the crazy dog blog post:


  9. I was having a few days off the internet, and then I see that you post this giveaway! NOOOOOOO!
    A night out with you and Keith…? I want!

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