Mysterious feathered friend…

We had a strange visitor on our deck this morning…  not of the human variety (although the deck is quite used to strange humans) but another feathered creature…


He was perched uncertainly on the back of a timber chair, staring at his reflection in our kitchen window…


He was really astonishingly beautiful… not quite mature, we suspect.

bird_6676 e

With a beak a little like a kingfisher or kookaburra…

bird_6678 e

Long, strong talons perfect for grabbing prey and feathered legs (see following pics) not unlike a wedgetail eagle

bird_6682 e

Dash has a little mate visiting – they were both enormously curious.


Luckily the bird was calm enough not to freak out when each tried to stroke his tail feathers…


Although I am not certain he enjoyed the attention.


He seems to be saying “Which is the right way OUT of here please!”


And despite encouragement from our resident critter tamers (Lachie and Cal) to stay and eat steakettes, he was soon on his way up, up and away.

Hours have been spent pouring over online bird catalogues but we are no closer to knowing the breed of our handsome feathered friend.

The closest guess we came up with was a Swamp Harrier.  But the yellow doesn’t seem as apparent on anything we find…

Anyone out there know? Please share in comments!



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  1. Did you try this one?
    I will have a crack at it now.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Guns Don’t Kill People

  2. Nope. I think it may be a juvenile, and look different to an adult bird.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Guns Don’t Kill People

  3. Yellow seems to be the in colour these days. The players at the Australian Open
    seem to be all yellow orientated.
    With the real feathery legs, might suggest a member of the hawk family???

  4. The only thing I could come up with is a juvenile channel billed cuckoo (the beak looks very similar)…3912.6389.0.6682.…0.0…1c.1.50ML_akz6E4&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.dGI&fp=bf0fd0a4e0d6ec9&biw=1280&bih=818

  5. Sent you a link on facebook. I kept thinking he looked a bit like a channel-billed cuckoo, but I hadn’t seen one that colour …. until I saw some pictures of juveniles and fledglings….
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Dear Darl, it’s 18 January, 2013

  6. I think Amanda has cracked it. The bird is described as being pretty quiet natured, which describes your guest to a tee.
    debby´s last blog post ..Useful things that I have learned this past week.

  7. Yep, that is it. It had to be young to be so human friendly. It may well be a cuckoo, but it does look like a serious hunting bird.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Guns Don’t Kill People

  8. Wow!!! Don’t you just love people who read your blog? They are so helpful. Love your photos.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Sunshine, freedom, and a little flower

  9. He’s absolutely beautiful! And lucky boys, to get to touch him. Great job everyone of identifying him.

  10. Well I have been “wikipediaing” (new word?).
    I have looked at all the pictures of the Australian cuckoo varieties and this new bird on the Granite Belt does not look like any of them.
    Maybe Amanda forward the photo to a zoo or bird santuary for classification/verification. I think it is
    a member of the hawk family.

  11. Something cuckoo going on Downunder.

  12. He’s GORGEOUS. How wonderful to be able to get so close to him.
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..Country Walk In the City

  13. What gorgeous colourings he has!
    rhubarb whine´s last blog post ..On the Move

  14. BB, What gorgeous colourings he has!
    rhubarb whine´s last blog post ..Just Keep Swimming…

  15. It’s a Friend of Lance Armstrong bird.

  16. Definitely a juvenile Channel-billed Cuckoo :)
    Yep, I’m a birdnerd.
    SquiggleMum´s last blog post ..Reading Signs

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