Race to recovery

Yesterday was a very hectic social day here in the bush… including a local race day and a neighbour’s 21st birthday shindig.

races_7258 e

The race day was amazing…

races_7254 e

I am a little ashamed to say that I have NEVER been before to this venue – despite having grown up around here.  It is tucked away, a few kilometres from town, in the most serene bush setting…

races_7196 e

Although it was a little less than serene yesterday – the air was filled with laughter and good-natured ribbing as people caught up for a much-needed social event, far from the endless mountain of post-flood chores facing the vast majority of them.  Many still have weeks and months of fencing and rebuilding, but yesterday was about setting all that aside for a few hours.  It was about dressing up, catching up and living it up.

races_7201 e

And waiting to see who was declared the winner after each race!

races_7213 e

Violet found some buddies to help us in the burger bar – we spent a few hours, Mr Incredible joining some neighbours to flip chicken and steak,  while I helped serve hungry punters. I did escape for a little while to get some snaps of the action on the turf…

races_7224 e

Jockeys in billowing silks perched atop shining horses…

races_7233 fe

The field of thundering hooves as horses and riders rounded the bend before the home straight…

races_7236 e

The stretching of legs, arms, nostrils and hopes…

races_7242 e

As they flew, neck-and-neck…

races_7243 e

Being cheered and jeered to the finish line.

races_1087 e

Twas simple, clean, wonderous fun. Exactly what the doctor ordered really…

Tomorrow they will all return to the fencing and rebuilding, the road gangs and the offices, to help get our community back on track.

And one of the chief organisers of this fabulous event? The mum* of this amazing young lady (who was also present).

Bush spirit.

Leaves you a bit speechless, doesn’t it?

PS *She’s the one in the red serving nibblies above.

6 Responses to “Race to recovery”

  1. Any flutters? And very upmarket, chicken and steak!
    jeanie´s last blog post ..At the end of the day (Wordless Wednesday)

  2. Your pix of jockey #4 is superb and you have her horse to thank for it! Well, I’m sure you can share in the glory but the horse’s focused eye nailed it! Calendar stuff…

  3. Just as well these races were held on Saturday, today here, your ducks would be racing, not horses.
    Country race meetings are heaps of fun for all.
    Expect some of this rain, if not a heap of rain to arrive, it started here last night and hasn’t let off. Isn’t the rain also coming down from the north??
    Never a dull moment with the bloody weather so far this summer – floods and bush fires!
    Cheers and good luck with this “bizarre” weather so far for 2013.

  4. Looks like a great day out BB, much needed I’m sure. How are you faring with this most recent rain event? The bulk of it falling south of us, though still rather damp here. Hard to believe just over a month ago we were planning drought strategies. Take care.
    Fiona´s last blog post ..Buffeltastic!

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