He can’t fly but …

I think I have shared here before, my fascination with emus.  Large, air-headed, quite fast, and a wee bit clumsy on occasion.

They are quite possibly the Great Danes of the bird world.

Kinda like giant awkward feathered clowns.

Don’t believe me?


This is a short series of photos, taken as I checked a paddock for young bulls.  A mob of about a dozen emus (almost-grown chicks with Daddy Emu still in charge) were split by a fence as I drove down a paddock road.

The lot on my side kept veering away and then realising some were left on the other side of the fence, kept changing their minds about which way to panic.  (They have only seen me about 15000 times this year – and the only thing I have ever threatened them with is a Nikon!).


Which way? Which WAY??

(Taken through windscreen of car (hence weird colour caste).

Then all of a sudden, Daddy Emu herds his confused chicks through the fence.  Which they all slide through quite neatly. Except…


emua_0432 E

 High HO and away!

I am surprised my shutter finger responded in time to get this action shot  – usually emus duck through low.  For some reason the ‘air’ and the angle of the legs in the shot make me giggle…

emua_0432 CLOSEE

Especially when you realise that he’s actually leapt UP through the top two wires (lifting the top one) and turned his head mid-air to glance back my way.

I wonder what he was saying? (If emus could talk. Or even put a logical sentence together.)

Any ideas?

Something worth a speech bubble?


8 Responses to “He can’t fly but …”

  1. See, because of your title, all I can think is “ba-da doo dah de de dah,
    de de dah-di-dah doo doo”
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Saturday night – or the journey that led to the recipe that led to late night philosophizing…

  2. I’m telling you, amazing capture. Well done. Emus have very small heads and even smaller brains.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Sunday Selections

  3. Oh gosh, this made me laugh! Especially that last shot, made even funnier by the three heads in the left side of the phote.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Two sure signs

  4. “Awwwk! Run, kids, run – the evil eye is watching!”

    Emus are the funniest looking things – my only experience with them was during my volunteer days at a family-run zoo and preserve in Maryland. I remember we weren’t supposed to go close to the fence because they could be mean!!!

  5. I’m trying to think of words, but really, what comes to me is the sound of chickens squawking in panic. Chickens that size would make quite a to-do.
    debby´s last blog post ..The Story of the Three Chairs.

  6. Oh. My. Stars.
    Kate´s last blog post ..Random 5 Friday – on Saturday

  7. “Tell me I can’t fly, I’ll show ‘em … bugger damn fence got in the way of my take off hope no one was watching.”
    Love the photos … emus look so funny running.
    Anne´s last blog post ..A Quicky

  8. I’m not sure if the snark will come through in a thought-bubble, but I’m guessing it might be, “Ha ha! You only Thought I couldn’t fly!” or perhaps, “Look kids, no flight feathers!” ;-)

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