Mojo and me…

If you know me in Real Life (IRL) you will already know I am not nearly as calm as I might appear on this blog.

I am very, VERY normal, somewhat forgetful, a little bit stubborn and while I enjoy a good debate, I really dislike arguments. I do like to think I am a positive, mostly-happy person who has (over the years) come to terms with her many shortcomings (way too boring to list here).

Someone recently asked me how I find my ‘mojo’. (I adore the word mojo don’t you? There are many definitions, but my version of it’s meaning is: the state of that inner peace and contentment we all seek.)

Now my mojo comes and goes, but I admit that at least some of it comes through blogging – I definitely find some sense of order and peace by filtering out the negativity (that seems to be part of everyone’s lives, including mine) and distilling the wonderful.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of the wonderful, even though it’s really all around me.  Blogging is my distilling time, my ‘me’ time and I always walk away feeling better.

Of course I am so lucky to have access to scenes like these to assist in shrugging off the negatives…

Can you just FEEL the nasty sliding away into that reflection?

bush_0276 e

Shimmering fronds of elegance reflected by ripples of calm…rainbow_0314 e

The hint of rainbows to come peeking through groves of soft-wrapped trees…

PERFECTION_0257Droplets of pure and good…


Golden glows through living art…


Ludicrous lolling tongue of silly, deaf, lovable hound.

*deep breath*

Works for me.  Hope you walk away feeling a tiny bit better for the visit.

PS What give YOU your mojo?

14 Responses to “Mojo and me…”

  1. Just what I need for today. Thanks!
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..Guest author: Therese Creed

  2. I am so envious of those views, those sights around you that make the things that bring you down slide away. Surrounded by houses and fenced in here so thanks for the photos share … I might just go stare at them a little longer.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Educating Alice

    • You are welcome Anne… glad to be able to offer something soothing. I bet you have SOMETHING gorgeous nearby too. I remember having trouble seeing beyond the fences too…


  3. I sure wish I could use a camera the way you do! Beautiful photos!!

    …and I always love pictures of Axel. :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Mooooooo!

  4. I lost myself in the first one, so calm. They are all wonderful.

  5. Thank you – you just know how to make everything ALL better :)

  6. To me, mojo is a balance…it’s that elusive zone when your job and your faith and your family seem to be mutually affirming. That probably doesn’t make sense, but it’s what I strive for, and when I reach that, it’s like an audible ‘click’ and and comfortable snapping together of all the pieces of my life. I love when it happens.
    debby´s last blog post ..William’s Place

  7. PS Axl Rose is deaf? Really? Or is it like my kids’ selective hearing?
    debby´s last blog post ..William’s Place

    • Agree about the ‘click’… happens both ways though, doesn’t it? (Off and on!) And yes, ‘selective hearing’ affliction for my pooch, I believe!

  8. Wow people, that drought is terrible. Saying a prayer for you.

  9. Exercise gives me my mojo….and people…no secret I love catching up with my friends and family!

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    Katrice´s last blog post ..Katrice

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