Still. Calm. Jet planes.


In the words of my sweet husband: How’s it hanging?

Heh. I don’t think he wants intimately personal info when he asks this question, just an entertaining variation on ‘How are you?’

Me? I am fine.  Preparing myself for a bit of a big week over the next week – with two lots of visitors this weekend and then heading to the Big Smoke to see my parents off, on a jet plane!  They are off on the overseas adventure of a lifetime.  Mum (the dreamer and instigator) is rearing to go. Dad… well, when I asked him today if they were visiting Pompeii, he said:

“Dunno.  Probably. Seeing everything else!”

Funny man.  We are all hoping he and Mum have an absolute ball seeing the sights of Europe.  I wonder, however if the British, French, Italians and Germans and Swiss are fully prepared for Bruiser’s very Aussie brand of visitation?  Time will tell.

While I am away I have a lot of appointments and two cities to visit.  I won’t see my family for four whole days… I will be in some serious withdrawals by the time I get home.  For an independant chick, I sure pine for my hubs and kiddos when seperated. I also worry about the (lack of) washing in my absence.

All these things were running through my mind as I visited the river pump this morning after taking Dash and Violet to the bus stop.

river_1711 e

This section of river is much-photographed (by me and others who live nearby).

river_1699 e

The mood this morning was incredibly still.

river_1657 e

Almost eerily peaceful.

river_1704 f e

A million miles from Paris…river_1675 e

Yet almost Monet in its tones…

(Is Monet an adjective?  It should be.)

river_1689 e

I think I might be peeking back at these peaceful pics over the next week… and I bet my folks do too!

Bon Voyage, Nana and Pagi.

(And look OUT Europe!)

10 Responses to “Still. Calm. Jet planes.”

  1. Tell your Mum and Dad to put Copenhagen on the top of the list, fantastic place and so CLEAN!
    Of course we have Mary of Tasmania there. The “Tivoli Gardens” are something to behold.

    Next I suggest Salzburg and up to Berchtesgaden, on a fine sunny day. The views of the OberSalzburg
    are stunning – I kid you not. Salzburg is paradise, so much to see and I am sure your folks have seen “The Sound of Music” – that is also a tour to do. Also if a Sunday when there, irrespective of your religion,
    go to the High Mass at the Cathedral, the choir is brilliant, and I think that is an understatement.

    Vienna is great as long as it is not raining ( I got that drizzle stuff for 3 days) – and in Italy, forget Pompeii and that area, go to Tuscany, Florence.

    I think also Monte Carlo/Nice are a must, plus Barcelona, Seville and Madrid in Spain.

    Didn’t get to Berlin, the “Wall and Corridor”, in and out was there in 1974, could have been done but I wasn’t game
    to take the chance. I have been told by friends who have since gone to Europe, it is very interesting.

    Of course as my mate from Michigan,USA – Carol Alex might suggest, all being well a Bavarian exhibition with much
    hand slapping at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich on a table! (????)

    I hope have a fantastic trip, good for them.
    They deserve the experience.

  2. I love the photo looking across at all the trees and their reflection.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Babysitting Weekender

  3. Adventures all around! I can’t wait to hear what your parents think of their grand adventures. I suspect for all of your father’s droll comments, they will both have the time of their lives!

    I’m sure that the excitement of your homecoming will only be exceeded by the size of the laundry pile waiting for you.;)
    debby´s last blog post ..The Future

  4. Thanks Colin. I think the only ones we may be sure of in your list are Tuscany, Monte Carlo and Nice….. will be hard to take – I hope! Sounds like we will have to go back and take another bite sometime – after we/I recover from this one.
    Will think of you with the washing BB and also the pleasure of your company and chauffering -lucky parents! Mx

    • For those wondering, MX is indeed my mother. Apparently she has shrugged off her previous moniker, Anonymous!

  5. BB, thanks for the early warning. I’ll keep an eye on the news while you are out dashing about the cities.

  6. Nothing more serene than photos taken across a calm body of water. These are beautiful.

    Hope your folks have a fantastic adventure! Safe journey for you, too.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..On the water

  7. Not a bad choice, MX, who I guess is the Mum of Amanda? Actually an excellent selection and with the Aussie $ being high, that is quite a blessing for your bank account.
    Just a word of advice, visit the Monte Carlo Casino,unbelievably luxurious, BUT, keep your money safely in your wallet or purse.
    The luxury is maintained by the losses of patrons – ha ha!
    Also for dining excellence, go to the 5 plus star Hotel Negrisco in Nice!
    That will rock the bank account, but it is worth every mouthful!
    Have fun.

  8. I love the picture of the trees reflecting in the water, the one where the trees look like stripes! How do you get the reflections to come out sharp like that? I usually end up with either too much glare from the water or too blurry of a reflection.
    Alia´s last blog post ..Amazing Market in Rennes (Marché des Lices)

  9. Calming, that view of the flat water. We lived offshore and I loved the serenity of the water and esp when it was very flat like those pics, it emanated peace.
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..May Nearly Half Gone…

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