Misty morning moments…

After a day of drizzling rain yesterday (sweet for the haying-off grass in the paddocks and for my poor, neglected garden) this morning woke to a low mist.

Mists make me mellow.  And a teeny bit poet-ey.

morning fog_1989 e

Autumn mists here are soft heralders of a fine day ahead…

morning fog_1999 e

Despite the damp white air lending a surreal note to breakfast…morning fog_2006 e

And an air-brushed monotone filter to nearby scenes…

morning fog_2008 e

We all know that, soon, sunshine will follow, clear and warm …

morning fog_1994 e

Lifting this veil on a blue-skied morn.

How’s your morning looking?


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2 Responses to “Misty morning moments…”

  1. I could have stopped a dozen times this morning on my way to work with the misty fog and then the sun lighting up the big gum trees….Only problem was I am still not allowed to drive and I don’t know my chauffer well enough to pull the handbrake on :( so instead I will just enjoy your view x

  2. Great photos of the mist with the horses – maybe 2014 calendar material?
    Washing all dry – amen!
    Terrible news on TV and papers tomorrow of that stupidity in London – murder in the streets. I hope your Mum and Dad get the hell out of London – ASAP. And the murderers boasted for photos! Incredible, what it is World coming to? How can they gloat and provoke? I dunno.
    I think I wish I was one of your horses, they live a far better life I am sure.
    Oklahoma twisters, we cannot control, but on the street murders of anyone, we should.
    Why can’t people accept, where they live and “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, as the saying goes??
    Sorry, Amanda had to get this out of my system.

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