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A quick bit of housekeeping here at BB of Oz.

Some of you may have noticed that Google, in all its infinite wisdom, is shutting down Google Reader.


(Yes, I have no idea either – same goes for Google Friend Connect which I am still in mourning for).

For those looking to keep a nice neat place for all their blogs, I am currently trying out BlogLovin’.  Here is my little badge which you will henceforth find on my sidebar.

Follow on Bloglovin

Is anyone else trying a different reader?  What are the pluses and minuses of your reader?

And because I cannot stand posting a blog without an image of some kind…

river_1669 f

At least Mother Nature doesn’t go chopping and changing my favourite things all the blinkin’ time!

9 Responses to “Blog Lovin’”

  1. I’m using feedly which has the advantages of being free, automatically importing ALL your blogs with literally 1 click and has all the same shortcuts as Reader. I also love the ‘preview’ option which lets me view a full post without clicking through to the website.
    Tara´s last blog post ..Home to Home

  2. Just a PS – the first image is taken from the page you get when you try to go to Google Reader!! Do not click it, it won’t help!

  3. *watches shoe rubbing the dirt*

    I do not have any idea what you’re talking about.
    debby´s last blog post ..Update

    • LOL Debby … just a way to get all fave blogs into one spot – gives you a preview of the blog and then you can click through to it. :-)

  4. Ah, ever since the demise of Feedburner, I have just typed in the names of the blogs I like when I remember – frees me up greatly.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Mum’s Magic

  5. I switched to Bloglovin’ a couple of months ago and have been happy with it so far.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Hissssss!

  6. Good, that gets over that “problem” of clicking on that darn message.”Just a Reminder”!!!
    Another beautiful sunny morning in Brisbane, like yesterday, but I bet pounds to peanuts that like yesterday, it will be raining and miserable by 4.00 pm.

  7. I’m using RSS Toaster and pretty happy with it…

  8. Oooooow – Being a newbie I’m liking Bloglovin for the clean layout and integration with blogs elsewhere. x
    Jac´s last blog post ..Just do it – My Garden Philosophy

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