Good day, good will, great moments

Our little school held the Goodwill Games last weekend… it marked the beginning of a pretty hectic time for us, but (as usual) provided a fabulous event for kids and adults alike.

The Goodwill Games are a sports day organised by our wonderful teachers and support staff (and our terrific P&C) which involves all local small schools and homeschooled children in a competitive (but fun) event.



Some old-fashioned traditions are espoused – one of which is the March Past, which I don’t think our school has been beaten at for many, many years.


With grins and mascots as cute as this, we are a shoe-in!ggames13_2214

It’s always a great excuse for our menfolk to take a rare day off and convene for Important Men’s Business.   (Not sure what world issues are being sorted out here, but I have no doubt all enjoyed the chance to chat to someone other than a cow!).

Dash and Violet are not really athletes (well not on land anyway) – Dash has some great pace off the mark (like his namesake) but his stamina is not amazing and he struggles in the longer distances.


His ability to pace himself has come with a few years’ experience however, and he manages to keep going til that finish line (in the 100, 200, 400 and 800 metre races).


LOOK at the effort in that face… I think he might have held his breath the whole 100 metres of this race.  He was purple by the finish line… I must remember to encourage breathing next time!


Violet has quite a competitive nature which is very frustrating when one’s legs won’t go quite as fast as they are willed… she too kept it up despite not being near the leaders (with quite a bit of encouragement from the sidelines!).


Both kids are actually not bad in the throwing events – and they do love their team sports.  The ball games is always a lot of fun…


Tunnel ball.

ggames2013_2232 e

Leader ball.


Captain ball.

Throughout the day (much of which I spent either serving hungry competitors and cheer squads in the Canteen or being part of the Cheer Squad on the sidelines) the thing I was most proud of was the Goodwill.  People volunteering and pitching in to help out and cheer on and encourage.


I adore that our kids get to catch up with their cousins here (who used to attend our little school and on whom we all dote).


Should I have had a CUTE warning on before that pic? Yeah, sorry about that.  Another cousin who melts my heart. GO QUADE!

Moment of the day for me though?

This one…


Unscripted, unprompted… and with a muttered ‘Proud of you!‘ from a big brother to a delighted little sister. *sigh*

(I am so bookmarking this post for them when next they have a spat.)

This one WAS posed, but equally special in its own toothy way…


Goodwill.  Nothing like it, is there?

8 Responses to “Good day, good will, great moments”

  1. Yep the hugging photo may well be used again! Maybe hang a copy on the wall?
    Great to see the fun. I recall way back in the 1950′s these primary school sports days between small country schools. Competition was FIERCE!
    In the Boomi, Goodiwindi, Mungindi and Garah areas of NW NSW and over the border into Qld.
    Then the swimming carnivals and tennis competitions in later years – still in the under 12 age group and the older ones, the pony clubs etc. All good cheer to the winners and the losers didn’t miss out – EFFORT was rewarded.
    Tennis reigned supreme in those days – Boomi had 17 courts! That would almost equate, if memory still works to about 10 Boomi towns persons for each court! On weekends Boomi became a metropolis with the country folk (wheat farmers and graziers – sheep and cattle) appearing. I think your Mum and Dad, as would the parents of “Mr I” well remember those days! Maybe even you???
    And not a TV in sight, nor internet etc.
    I think we all slept far better and really had a good life.
    Great post, thanks again for the memories of yesteryears.

  2. Such fantastic memories – your kids (and community) will love you for all that clicking in years to come.
    And on that toothy note – I wish someone would have told me to take more photos before the age of 7…… ;)
    Jac´s last blog post ..Just do it – My Garden Philosophy

  3. norma in alabama Reply May 30, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    So cute. I love and envy the energy and enthusiasm of the young. They seem to have unlimited supplies of both.

  4. Love sports like these where everyone gets into the act and fun is the order of the day. Your photos amaze me; do you have the camera plastered to your face 24/7 to capture these incredible moments ?~!

    My favorite one actually is the menfolk from the back…
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..Garden Update

  5. Lynda of M O.
    Missed this photo. Well what I think besides “Serious Men’s Business” is that the man on the right with some “possible” lethal banger, and seems to be talking with what appears to be Amanda’s, Mr Incredible, is saying if your kid beats my kid, you might get this “banger” where it hurts! Ouch!
    Serious men’s business trumps all “serious women’s business”.
    OK ladies, I am ready for crucifixion, but please use new nails!

  6. That shot you failed to give the “cute warning” for is precious!!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Want to borrow a book?

  7. I wanted to reach into the screen and hug them myself!!!

  8. I love this day, when the kids are stars, and all the adults come together to cheer them all on.

    Mostly what I love is that hug.

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