CAN pick ‘em!

Spoiler alert if you are in SA, NT and WA – The Voice Result below!


Now I don’t wish to brag publicly (oh all right, I DO) … but I picked it, I picked it, I PICKED IT!

Back here I said the beautiful young man from Melbourne, with the stutter and the shy manner, would go ALL THE WAY.

And tonight… he did. *

Don’t get me wrong… I loved Luke with his glorious Ten Tenors range, Celia and her haunting crystal-clear tones and Danny with his amazing artistic edge.  But it was Harrison pretty much bringing me (and half of Australia) to tears each week on The Voice with his pure voice and sweet persona.

Like ‘Unchained Melody’ last week – hitting number 1 on iTunes soon after he sang it!

And tonight, after being an unbackable favourite, the 18-year-old with the unmistakable soulful sound won the title.
harrison' e
And if I was really wanting to rub it in, I would note that I picked it last year too.  Oh yes, I was on the Karise bandwagon EARLY.

So if anyone wants me to help out with the coaching in 2014, just message me here, okay?

(Never mind that I sound like a strangled cat when I attempt a tune.)

Back with more bush stuff soon…


* Tried to embed the clip but won’t work for some reason… am still a babe in the bush when it comes to technology! *sigh*

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  1. Unchained Melody is one of my all-time favorites, but I’ve never heard it sound so poignant! He’s wonderful! Good job, BB!

  2. Oh my goodness. Without TV I haven’t seen or heard much about the show, and this just shows a sample of what we have missed. WOW. Goosebumps here this mornings. Cheers for that :)

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