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So it’s all been a little blue around here lately… I know.  My apologies.

Isn’t that they way of it though?  When it rains it buckets down.

Of course, when it rains, even when it thunders, beautiful things sometimes happen too.

This post is about the downpours and the rainbows.


As unseasonal winter rainshowers dampened the earth here last night, a wonderful old man left this world. He was 96.


He was our neighbour here at Granite Glen for many decades, and he and his darling wife raised nine children in the house across the river from us.


rose_6578 e

Today I took some of these very roses to his wife and daughters, who were busily trying to focus on ‘what needs to be done’.


Roses always help with that, don’t you think?


A great many people will feel the ache his absence will leave.  But I think of how incredible 96 years worth of life is – especially one so filled with family and love.

Such a bittersweet time, so much to remember, so much for them all to miss.

bird_6993 f

I took this photo this week.  It made me smile.  Dash pointed this tiny bird out to me, and my Facebook friends helped me identify it as Striated Pardalote – which doesn’t sound as pretty as this tinsel-voiced dancer was in reality.

It only stayed for about 20 seconds on this post, then was gone.  But those 20 seconds were joyous.  I’m so glad my son got my attention.

And the following series of images were taken of Violet and her beloved ducks.


This is the boy duck (who is BOSSY, and very pretty).


This is one of the girl ducks.  She is very, very patient.duck_6554

Her glorious wing colours are less obvious than her emerald-throated boyfriend.


Did I mention how much Violet adores these ducks?


So sweet, it makes me ache a little.

Animals and children.

Roses and memories.

Things to savour, don’t you think?

6 Responses to “Flipside 1”

  1. RIP to Bill. Elbows out and enjoying the view from up there, no doubt.

    Love the roses. Nice touch.

    Duck a la Violet?
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Today we welcomed Spring

    • I have a mental image of him marching over the hill and into the sunset now – elbows out. Twas a gorgeous sunset tonight too… hardly a coincidence!

  2. Lovely roses

  3. It’s hard to say goodbye to dear ones, even when they’ve lived long, full lives.

    Beautiful roses.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Baking

  4. I’ve always thought the better a life is lived, the bigger hole is left when the person goes on. Sounds like your friend lived a good, good life. This post was for the birds in the most wonderful way! One question: Why does “Violet-the-amazing-duck-girl” have the number 9 on both arms? I’m sensing there was some sort of competition.
    debby´s last blog post ..Looking back

  5. Amanda – very sad to learn of the death of your neighbour – please convey my condolenses
    to the family. 96 is a pretty good age, and I am sure the gentleman enjoyed every moment of it.
    Now regarding Violet and her ducks, I have forgotten the breed, “Silver Appleyard” looks possible courtesy of Google???
    We had Muscovy and Khaki Campbell ducks as kids, if we did the Violet “loving” of those ducks, we were left with a deposit!
    My mother was not impressed – messy clothes with smelly stuff on them. Seems a loving squeeze then, meant a thank you note!!!!
    I guess Violets “new” ducks are better behaved??

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