Bulls and the bees…

I have a confession to make: I suffer from hayfever.

I am a sad mess whenever Spring arrives.  Don’t get me wrong… I adore this season and almost all it entails. Except the pollens. Oh BOY do those pollens do me in?

Luckily this is a blog and not live TV, so you can ignore the pile of tissues and the bleary eyes, and focus instead on what I chose to focus on…

What The Pollen Brings…

SPRING_9048First, check out the very cool unfurling of the bottlebrush flowers…

bees_9015 f

Like little slow explosions of fiery red wisps…


And branches heavy with blossoms provide pretty framing for the ‘other flowers’ in our yard…

SPRING_8895 EAnd our house paddock…

BEES_9008 E

And then, when you look closer, you can see hundreds of tiny native bees feverishly harvesting the pollen…

SPRING_9006 Darting from miniscule frond to miniscule frond, trying to avoid these guys…

bees_8972 e

The much bigger and noisier European bee.


I don’t know where their hives are (there are no man-made ones nearby that I know of) but I love seeing them here…

SPRING_9028Anyone else a big fan of the Bee Movie?  Bees are so important, man…

SPRING_9031I don’t usually go around saying ‘Man’ like that. I was trying to be Jerry Seinfeld there…

bees_8984 fBut seeing bees here makes me think that our environment is happy and healthy…

bees_8953 f

At least as long as I keep taking my antihistimine!



12 Responses to “Bulls and the bees…”

  1. Oh, I am so with you on the hayfever: itchy eyes, itchy lips, sneezing, congested to the max – yuck. And to top it off I squirted concentrated dishwashing liquid into my eye this morning, so now it is even more bloodshot. Hubby wryly said I was getting prettier every day.
    Mandy´s last blog post ..The Great Western Weaner Adventure – Part One

  2. Actually, I saw quite a few bees while checking my summer squash plants this morning. They’re the kind that don’t mind me joining them in dipping in and amongst the blooms and foliage.

    These photos are stunning!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Typewriters

  3. Hope that Claritin kicks in for you pretty soon, but those watery eyes still are pretty sharp at picking out the spring beauty. Very Nice!

    The bees around here remind me of the ones Keats mentioned in his Autumn poem, going for every last bit of pollen they can glean from the last blossoms on the fruit trees and flowers.
    Leenie´s last blog post ..VIRTUALLY EXPLORING DETROIT

  4. Ah love those bees. I get so excited when one gets lost enough to venture into our garden. What beautiful bottle brush. Hope you kick that hayfever soon.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Carting Cane

  5. Love bottlebrushes in full flower, so pretty!
    We’ve got a fair few of those small pink ones that retain the gumnut ‘hat’, they always remind me of the Gumnut Babies :)
    Jayne´s last blog post ..September 1 A pinch and a punch on the first of the month

  6. Great pictures!! Very impressive. What type of camera and lens are you using?

  7. I don’t want to be indelicate about your age, but I pretty well grew out of hayfever at about 40. Mine was the common one suffered by Melburnians, rye grass pollen coming in on the north wind during spring.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..What made me laugh

  8. Hayfever…lives in our house too, although more chronic in one of my boys and he said it the other day, oh no Spring, my nose is really going to get bad now. It can be as debilitating as headaches! on a lighter note however your photos are spectacular! I have bees in my vege garden working their magic too!

  9. I have never seen the Bee Movie, but I saw The Secret Life of Bees which I loved. Anyways, I have some experience w/ hayfever, having two kids badly affected by it. They seemed to build up an immunity to antihistimines and after a few years we’d have to switch. Perhaps you need to try something new?
    debby´s last blog post ..Small stories.

  10. Beautiful!
    But I do feel your sneezy pain – and mine has got worse with age!!

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