Rocks, bubbles, water!

I think, in the annual gathering that I hold here at Granite Glen with my old ‘city playgroup’ friends and their offspring, that we have stumbled upon the Secret to Happiness.

Well, children’s happiness.  We all know that the recipe for Mother’s Happiness = Happy Kids + Chardonnay.  (Goes without saying really).


It’s groundbreaking stuff, so brace yourself…

Take some big ol’ rocks…


rocks_9993 e

Sprinkle kids with just enough attention to make them feel important…


(If taking photos, please don’t forget your own offspring)…

rocks_9996 e

 Add a dash of whimsy (like teeny tiny flowers)…


Mix it up with a dose of bubbles

bubbles_9959 e

If you have a puppy at hand, then for heaven’s sake let them loose...

bubbles_9954 e


bubbles_9948 f e

This is just BUBBLES

bubbles_9947 ePLUS…

bubbles_9950 ePOOCH…

bubbles_9971 e

Exponential hours of fun…

bubbles_9968 f

And then…

river_0161 e

To just round out the memories/flavour…

river_0155 e

Just add a listening ear

river_0141 eAnd then a good heaping helping of water…

river_0143 e

I guarantee this recipe will result in VERY dirty bathwater, VERY tired kids, and VERY sweet dreams…

river_0128 fqMy recipe for holiday smiles.

What is yours?


11 Responses to “Rocks, bubbles, water!”

  1. Your recipe is perfect!
    debby´s last blog post ..How’s it hanging?

  2. Trialling a couple of recipes next week – one involves the beach – the other the bush – we’ll see which one works best ;)

  3. something they will remember for a life time……….

  4. So nice. I believe that children who are outside, with only earth, wind, water and a stick, will create and conquer many worlds in a days time and will be competent leaders of our world when their generation is called. Accompanied of course by a good dog.

  5. Adding the dog to the mix did the trick. ;)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Ponderings #14

  6. Mine will come after I move to Savannah, Ga and finally get to spend time with grandson Henry and his pooch, Banjo!

  7. It doesn’t get any better then that. We always look forward to our stay and every year it just gets better! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality once again. We miss you all so much already xx

  8. First I totally also agree with Bill. Get kids outside to enjoy the world, not sitting on bums 24/7 playing on computers! Your kids really have such a wonderful life.
    Surely that “pup”, isn’t your “Diamond” – border-collie cross? If it is maybe the “cross” part must be Great Dane?
    Trying vainly to rain here in Brisbane, urgently needed – I believe state wide, probably Australian wide. Lawns here are very brown. Hope you are getting some of the wet stuff from the sky?

  9. Yes, perfect. Great photos, too.

  10. Great capture of the simple things in life! Happy holidays to you x
    Ainsley´s last blog post ..The “working” part of school holidays….

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