I love opening mail… well the sort without windows, anyway.

Last week I picked up some pretty special boxes…

calendar_1786Can you guess?


Finally… I suspect I am something of a nightmare for my patient printers- just when they think they are sorted, I tend to start tweaking and tweaking and fussing til it looks right to me.

calendar_1792 eI think the tweaking was successful…

calendar_1791The weight was important – heavy enough to sit flat all year on a wall, light enough to beat the postage limits.


I always love seeing the quotes sitting happily under each month’s featured image… if I get an instant grin, it reassures me I have chosen them right!


This year I have added extra images into the date page too – adding a bit of colour without stealing too much writing space from the user.


It has all the main holidays in there too – I try to include Aussie, English, American and Canadian nation-wide celebration days as well as the major religious dates.

The quality of the print made me smile…


These snaps don’t really do it justice, but the blacks are black and the colours ‘pop’.


I adore this wee bird… sooooo tiny and sooooo full of attitude.  I put the Super Moon with it on the date page.  Opposite in size but similar in hue and WOW factor.

The final shot today is NOT my husband’s favourite image.

But lots and lots of you liked it… so I went with the masses and included it.
calendar_1795We may or may not end up getting to see June on our wall… heh.

I am pretty close to being sold out here – a couple of local stores will have limited stocks from click here this week.  If you are still keen to purchase any, then please email me (bushbabeaustralia at gmail dot com) and I will get your order organised.

For those who have ordered already – watch your mailboxes!!


10 Responses to “Deliverance!”

  1. Wooo Hooo!!! Sunsets, Wrangler Butts and Rusty posts are just some of my favourite things…. ;)

  2. Looking forward to getting my order!

  3. As always a great job, ABB.

  4. Tell Mr. I that his page gave me a great big smile! The calendar looks gorgeous.

    Nancy in Iowa (only for another week)

  5. So long as you’ve been tweaking and not twerking!
    Jayne´s last blog post ..October 29 Wot ‘appened on this ‘ere day

  6. What a great combination your husband at work and then patting a calf. Looks great. Can I ask who you print through for calendars or photos?
    Anne´s last blog post ..Blooming

  7. Congratulations – is this the fourth or fifth year?
    jeanie´s last blog post ..November in the Garden

  8. Looks great Amanda. Beats me if you ever sleep, maybe in the Granite Belt up Rocky way, there are 48 hours in a day???
    Musters, horses, housework, blogs, two thankfully great kids, “dawgs” – big and small, ducks, gardens, pool cleaning, appearances at functions – Mr. “I” must be giddy keeping track.
    Just plain incredible – I think we should call you after the comic woman of yore – “Wonder Woman”. I think she was the female answer to “Superman”????

  9. Hi, how can I get hold of one of these and how much do they cost? Thanks,Vanessa