The Mo’st Fun

Tuesday marks an important day on the Australian calendar.  Melbourne Cup Day. The Race that Stops a Nation.

The race that gives everyone (especially those in the bush) a much-needed excuse to STEADY up for a day, to stop, relax with friends, and enjoy a refreshment or two and maybe a flutter on the Big Race.  For the past few years, our local Melbourne Cup bash has been at my cousin’s place (almost an hour’s drive west of here) which I have covered previously here and here and here.

This year is the last one to be hosted by my cousin and her hubby Jay – after all the woman home-schools four kids, helps run the property and runs a framing business too. Super Em.

As usual, it was fantastically fun, with a touch of seriousness as it did it’s bit to raise awareness of Men’s Health issues.

telemark_1821 f

Special guest for the day was Dr Bruce Chater ,who gave a fascinating talk about a myriad of health issues faced by blokes in the bush.  It was great to see every person there stop and really listen to the things they needed to take notice of, and to take notice of in others.

There were little girls and fashion …

telemark_1850 fAlways a fun mix!

telemark_1862 fViolet enjoyed her stint as a model!

The big girls did a great parade as well – although my cousin Em does tend to intimidate a little with those endless legs!

telemark_1878 eInsane.

Madi was divine too…

telemark_1897 fAnd off the runway, but looking no less glamorous, was my sister-in-law ‘Curly’…

telemark_1901 fI blog-named her that LONG before she bought this hat. Is it not just GLORIOUS? It’s a vintage hat she picked up in Brisbane that’s almost 100 years old.

Imagine the stories that hat could tell?

There was THIS baby still busily stealing hearts without even opening his eyes…

telemark_1940 eOur Violet is quite the clucky little mother hen…

Then, of course, it was time for the races.  The hobby-horse races, that is.

Telemark_2003 eHow’s your horse feeling today, mate? Mines a bit wooden in the neck…

And they are OFF!

telemark_2017 fDash and his cousin Knocky going neck-and-neck… as none of these races is particluarly serious, the starter interfered soon after to ensure the little ones caught up.

Then it was the ‘big kids’ turn…


You know there is gonna be trouble when Jackaroo Lachy gets his boots off.. and teams up with my cousin Tom.

They should have been named The Purple People Eaters.  Or maybe the Purple People Impeders…

telemark_2050 fI suspect Lachy has mischief on his mind, mid-race here…

telemark_2052 fNice side-step Em!

telemark_2055 fLachy might not be very solid, but check him taking out not one but TWO other contestants.  Including his little brother (in the fancy peacock hat).

telemark_2056 fNot completely above board, but very, very funny.

And of course, there were the mousaches. For the “Movember” themed day.  My husband decided to NOT grow one this year (apparently he was sick of winning it every year – the men in my husband’s family are famously hirsute!).  Our jackaroos Cal and Lachy, however, represented us well!  (Although I suspect the mo-growing might have begun a little earlier than the official starting date.)

Cal (left) took out Mo with the Mo’st Character…


While Lachy managed to nab Best Dressed Bloke! Cal is taking some credit for lending him the $10 tie.  I am also taking credit for insisting on everyone’s ironing shirts and jeans!

It’s fair to say everyone got into the spirit of the day, including the kids who found the packet of fake mo’s before the end of the day.

telemark_2081Mo’st cute.

So… How was your Melbourne Cup Day?  Did you work, attend an event or (as I used to do) get into the spirit of the day from comfort of your own living room?

And for non-Aussies: What is your big social day of the year?


8 Responses to “The Mo’st Fun”

  1. What a fun day! The kids with their stick horses are so cute.

    We’re not particularly social, but do have two other couples we always ring in the new year with.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Ponderings #15

  2. I guess that like Kelly, we’re not the sort of folks that travel in great social circles. I suppose that it would have to be the fourth of July. Now that we live in town, there’s the parade. The day’s festivities and activities give everyone a chance to visit and talk. For family get-to-gethers, probably Christmas and Easter.
    debby´s last blog post ..A tale of two kitties.

  3. That does look the Mo’st fun.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Finally

  4. I suspect people who don’t live in Melbourne might have more fun on Cup Day than those of us who do but would not dream of attending.
    Andrew´s last blog post ..Warragul, the end.

  5. Ahem. I recall Cal had a dirt mark above his lip when last I was over there…

    I ate my lunch with my Tuesday boss and watched the race – won everything I didn’t bet.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..November in the Garden

  6. What fun! Love seeing your gatherings. My big event of the year will actually be a birthday – I leave for Savannah on Monday and I will be there for the first time on Grandson Henry’s birthday on the 17th – he’ll be 4, and I haven’t seen him or any of my family in 3 years. Now, that will be an event!

  7. Ah – the first Tuesday of November!
    Since I can first remember, at 2.55 pm everything for about 15 minutes – silence and then roars!
    I have over the years since leaving school attended parties, luncheons and heard nothing or seen anything – some ladies wear hats bigger than Flemington race track and scream!
    Even in the hotel owning days, I did the disappearing act upstairs and left the staff to deal with thirsty patrons, watched the cup in PEACE and could jump around like a frantic “banshee” and not upset anyone.
    Then I returned to the bar, rarely with a successful smirk on my face!!!
    When I did have an office job (yuck), I had the day off – that was all written down in stone – no correspondence entered on that subject!!!!!!
    These days I stock up my bar and have plenty of food for myself and watch in peace. Ah – pure bliss. Now another 364 days for the next episode! Also for the first time I can remember – I didn’t have a bet – couldn’t decided on a first four!
    Great to see that you all had a great, fun time.
    I guess your folks can remember prior to TV days – the only the radio and then the movies: movie-tone news at the local picture theatre a week later – to see the race (in black and white!) Fun days.
    Funny for overseas people to understand that a country will stop for a horse-race!

  8. What a fabulous day. For the first time in many, many years we didn’t host an event here locally which has us all fired up for a big one next year. Was very disappointing this past Tuesday to not be up early icing cakes, slicing hams, making fruit punches! And of course missing out on frocking up.
    Pleased you had a wonderful day, lovely to be able to forget about molasses runs, fire threats and weather conditions, if only for a day.
    Fiona´s last blog post ..My Big Girls

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