A moment… the snuffing of the light

Why is it, that just before something ends, it is at it’s most beautiful?

I chased this sunset home from town today…

sunset_3174 eDriving west and making my sunset ‘moment’ last as long as possible…

Hestitating briefly to snap each shot before once again shooting down that red dirt road to see if there was a better angle.

sunset_3173 e

Sometimes I imagine Mother Nature painting this 3D event each day, furiously splashing colour across the sky before she wipes it clean.

From some angles her sunsets are the full-blown orchestral symphony…

sunset_3192 e

From another perspective, restrained Japanese-style layers and vibrant hues…

sunset_3196 e

And then, like a match being snuffed, the sunset wavers and vanishes.

sunset_3183 eWhatever kind of day you had, I hope it ended as gloriously as ours did here…


7 Responses to “A moment… the snuffing of the light”

  1. Beautiful photos. Obviously your area missed out on yesterday evening’s version of “Armageddon and the Four Horsemen of the Acopalypse” – all storm fury here (BNE) for 30 minutes of mayhem with hail. Finished as quickly as it started, thankfully no visible damage.
    Rain is needed but we can do without the “Fury part”.

  2. It’s a stressful day here, so your photos are just the calming effect needed. The second is my favorite. There’s something about sunbeams that always says “God” to me. Paired with the sunset, they are almost more than I can handle (said in a good way!).
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Fall fishing fail

  3. It was cloudy and cold here, but I loved living your sunset!
    Fleur McDonald´s last blog post ..Down time

  4. It was dark by the time that I left work. It’s a blustery cold day. Your pictures warmed me up.
    debby´s last blog post ..Little Boys and High Energy

  5. Thanks, I needed that. Now my day has a fine ending.

  6. I too love it when the sky does some great old testament moves.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Food Bleurghing

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