Before, During and After

As some of you know, it has been pretty dry here over the past few months.  I tend not to take photos of the dry really – it’s not deliberate, but I always try to focus on what makes me happy. And parched paddocks don’t really bring a smile to my dial.

horses_2243 e This is our outlook last week – horses huddled under shade to escape the fierce sun, paddocks very crunchy and low on grass bulk.

rain_2244 eMost of our paddocks have more grass than this, but it’s close to the house where we keep our pregnant mares who get fed supplements, where we can keep an eye on them.

As you saw in this post, we got a great storm towards the end of last week.  But it was pretty isolated with not too many getting close to our house reading (of 60 glorious mm and some hail).  Even just a couple of kilometres up the paddock got less than half of this, with some areas of our property hardly getting enough to settle the dust.

Bushies get very obsessed with weather reports and websites when it’s very dry or very wet.  All signs pointed to some nice weather this weekend… the looming storm making the colours of my day a little more heavy and stealing all the shadows…

beforerain_3238 eThis was taken late afternoon… the sun almost gone from the sky as the horses nibbled furiously on the short green grass around the house…

beforrain_3261 eWhen it finally hit – after building all day with very high humidity leaving us all soaked in sweat and looking for a reprieve – it was spectacular.

lightning_3287eSadly my lightning-shooting ability is not great.  I promise to read up and do better next time…

There was some footage* shot on an ipad – more of the silliness of our jackaroos that the storm, but still highly entertaining.  We tend to go a little happy-crazy when it rains – maybe it’s the negative ions or the extra electricity in the air!

(*I might share it if I work out how!)

This next shot will give you a much better idea of how thunderous and deafening the storm was…

afterrain_3288 ePoor Axel – hiding in the (very messy) kitchen.  It was pizza night here, so we were all out on the deck enjoying the light show.  Axel decided the view from inside was quite sufficient. (Scooby Doo was based on a REAL Great Dane, I am convinced!).

We found 45mm in the rain gauge this morning.  Blisssssssssssssful.

Almost as blissful as this view…

afterrain_3324 eSkies washed clear, grass vibrant (still terribly short, but so much easier on the eye!).

afterrain_3325 e

Roads even washed down.  All tracks gone in the night.

And around the garden itself…

afterrain_3302 eRosebuds succulently heavy from last night’s storm

afterrain_3300 eNanny goat weed* hanging onto the last droplets.

(*I’m sure there is a nicer term, but that’s how I know it)

afterrain_3320 eThe pretty, sweet-smelling shrub out the front of our bedroom after it’s shower…

afterrain_3314 eCan you smell the fresh scent from there?

afterrain_3312 eAnd the crepe myrtle buds enjoying the cool of the early morning, before the sun does it’s work and dries everything out once more.

I am still watching the radars online across Queensland and the NT to see if our friends out west can enjoy some of what we are getting here.

Many still need your prayers…

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14 Responses to “Before, During and After”

  1. Great to know that you are getting relief, hope it goes to all the other necessary areas. A couple of follow ups would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.
    However, here – BNE – under the present sporting circumstances can come AFTER a certain, presently pleasant situation at the moment – WIN!
    The “Gabba” looks lovely and green to me, courtesy of Ch.9. coverage.
    Is “Mr.I” in the Gabba crowd?

  2. So glad to see you had a much needed shower (even if it did distress poor Axel). Love the rain cleansed flower shots!

    We had storms beginning in the early hours and ended with over three inches of rain.

    Hoping those who need some/more will soon be satisfied.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..The final Holiday Bazaar

  3. :)
    debby´s last blog post ..Today

  4. As you know, we have received 2mm to add to our 37mm last week – still hopeful, even though BOM is dampening our enthusiasm.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..Food Bleurghing

  5. What’s BOM? We’re having some pretty heavy snow.
    debby´s last blog post ..Today

  6. Yep – BOM has me scratching my head also.
    Only “BOM”, I know is the airline code for Bombay, now Mumbai, India, and I am sure it is not that.
    Great rain here last night with plenty of colourful lightning flashes etc.
    This morning magnificent for the “final coup d-etat” at the Gabba!!!

  7. BOM = Bureau of Meteorology. We who live in the tropics become somewhat obsessed with the weather radar and reports in the wet season, probably because the humidity mades us a little crazy, and the rain eases that, at least for a while. Glad to hear you have some rain BB, and of course hoping out west gets some soon.

    • Thanks FionRK.
      Good God I’ve seen the initials so many times and completely didn’t put two and two together. I asked my neighbour across the road on the way to get the paper what “BOM” stood for and quick as a flash and a strange quizzical look – “Bureau of Meteorology”.
      I then changed the subject of our morning discussions.

  8. Have put a couple of the BOM links we use into the post now – seems to be the most reliable radar set-up. Can’t argue with the radar!! :-)

  9. PS Colin – no Mr I was supposed to go to the first day of the First Test with mates but work got in the way (again). Looks like they all had fun!!

    • Oh! Bad luck. Almighty storms here yesterday as you may have seen on TV. Some of the thunderbolts shook my apartment block resulting in all electrical appliances except the fridge OFF. Thank God not for long did it last. Anyhow the “boys in white” polished them off at the Gabba quick smart.
      Trivia: Did you know that our Champion of the golf World Cup, also of yesterday in Melbourne, Jason Day, has a son – born 2012. Name: DASH!!!!
      Hmmmmm! I wonder will you have a golfer in the family also????
      PS: Hope you got plenty of rain also up your way without the dramatic effects to scare the daylights out of Axel.

  10. Lovely, lovely rain!
    Jayne´s last blog post ..On this day and WE WON

  11. Beautiful post! Truly can’t wait until I get my own horse here on the farm!
    nathalia´s last blog post ..A LOVELY DAY AWAY FROM THE FARM

  12. It is always so nice and fresh after rain. I am glad you got some and I hope many others do as well.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Tranquil Views

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